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When you mix ignorance and arrogance you get a dose of mediocrity


It didn’t matter that Xóchitl Gálvez questioned Claudia Sheinbaum. The continuity candidate had a script already prepared, she was not going to listen. Pride and arrogance were her shield.

The former head of government took advantage of Gálvez’s inconsistency and nervousness to launch her darts and thus escape. Xóchitl fell into the trap of the square format and could not corner the Morena candidate. She missed opportunities, her themes and numbers favored her.

The health issue was a delicacy. There he was able to expose a criminal government that contributed to and allowed the death of more than 800 thousand Mexicans and more than 4 thousand health workers in a pandemic due to negligence, incapacity and political interests.

In the case of the corruption of López Obrador’s relatives it was not incisive. He had to reiterate the summons: what would be the attitude of the ruling party’s candidate in the face of the obvious tricks being carried out by the heirs of Tlatoani? She didn’t force the answer.

He had to hammer home the balances he left in the city: disappearances, femicides, the complicit role of his prosecutor to protect the director of the Metro. Likewise, the protective mantle that he extended to Harfuch to separate him from García Luna. Without forgetting, the militarization of the border, the persecution policy of the most “humanist” government and the fire in Ciudad Juárez, where 40 people died due to the terrible conditions of the detention centers.

Disrupt the argument of his “medals” by showing his submissive role before López Obrador, by not opening the doors of the Palace to the various social movements or listening to their demands. Thus, how to show the simulation of disappearing the grenadier body as a gimmicky measure and taking away its “scientific” clothing by remaining silent in the face of the criminal persecution against the Conahcyt investigators.

Debates are the opportunity to show the opponent’s weaknesses. If anyone wants proposals, read their electoral platform. Is it possible to articulate a serious public policy proposal in a minute and a half?

The narrative of Morena and its phalanges is that Sheinbaum “won” the debate, not because of his proposals, but because he cleared the accusations against him and overcame the terrible management of the current government. How dangerous would it be to have a president who does not respond and lies for “tactical” reasons!

There are a few weeks left, two debates and a large percentage of voters who have not yet decided on their vote. How will the 30 million young people who will vote for the first time be defined? The next election is a referendum of the Obrador movement. No half measures.


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