A photojournalist from El Heraldo de Juárez is murdered in Chihuahua – El Sol de México

Ismael Villagómez, photojournalist of the Herald of Juárezwas murdered early today in the vicinity of the Fronteriza Alta neighborhood.

According to the first police reports, the emergency call from neighbors was received at 01:53 hours via 911police units arriving at 2 am to Article 27 and Sinaloa streets.

The officers realized that on board a car Of the brand hyundaiElantra line and with border plates, there was a deceased male person who was identified as Ismael Villagomez and was discharged as driver of the Uber platform.

According to preliminary investigations by the ministerial authority, the cell phone of the victim, so the Cyber ​​Police tracks the device signal to follow the travel route and communications with the customers.

Elements of the State Investigation Agency They are already working on the case and in coordination with the North Zone Prosecutor’s Office as well as the State Public Security Secretariat work is being done to define the Routes that Villagómez’s vehicle followed until ending up parked in the place where his body was left.

The Prosecutor’s Office also reported that the images of the video cameras near the scene of the incidentin order to establish the identity of the people who deprived the life of the photographer Ismael Villagómez.


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