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ACAPULCO, Warrior. Six months after the Hurricane Otis hit the coast of Warriorthe noise of picks, mallets and saws dulls not only the bustle of traffic on the avenue Coastal Miguel Alemánbut also the light murmur of the sea that appears among the rubble left by that catastrophe that erased the almost eternal postcard of the port of Acapulco.

It is enough to travel this avenue of three and a half kilometers, from the famous Baby’O bar to the gazebo Diana the Huntressto hear on every corner the sounds produced by the reconstruction work of bricklayers in hotels, restaurants, streets, shops and apartments.

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Until a few days ago, the port of Acapulco had available nine thousand 500 hotel rooms45 percent of the supply prior to the natural disaster, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur). About the Coastal Miguel Alemánthere are still properties with severe damage, such as the Copacabana hotel and the emblematic hotel El Cano and Dreamswhich will remain closed and take years to reopen.

Tenants and transporters told The Sun of Mexico that the city’s recovery is progressing slowly and the total reconstruction of the port will not be ready this year.

“Yes, there is support, and work is being done, but it is going slowly, I don’t think it will be ready for at least another year,” said Alberto, a local taxi driver in the coastal area.

The owner of the Sectur, Miguel Torruco expect it to take at least six more months for 21 thousand hotel rooms are reactivated what was in the destiny before Otis.

The panorama looks different. In the Diamond Zonethe one with the highest purchasing power in the destination, there are condominium buildings and hotels like the Princess World Imperial that still under reconstruction. Businessmen also doubt that the destination’s recovery will end within one or even two years.

Seyed Rezvani, director of Mundo Imperial, told this newspaper that although they will invest a total of five million dollars for the restoration of its hotelsthe supply of materials and labor have been a challenge for reconstruction.

Everyone wants drywall, cement, paint and tempered glass. It is not an easy task, are things that have to be faced and resolved as we go. The elevators, for example, we have rehabilitated the ones we have, but the new ones will take eight months to arrive.” The businessman commented that By having the properties insured, they were able to have materials two weeks later to start the reconstruction, which has allowed the Mundo Imperial group to be at 70 percent of its recovery.

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James Jaramillo, Director of Operations of Grupo Brisas, ha injected 200 million pesos in the hotel reopening. He agreed with the difficulties in finding construction personnel and materials. Both directors agree that it will take between one and two more years for the Guerrero port to be 100 percent recovered, and this will depend greatly on the support in the coming months in the affected area. These investments and government support can be seen in the reopening of some businesses and hotels on the avenue. Coastal Miguel Alemánbut the almost apocalyptic panorama of devastated buildings, broken windows through which beams, walls and destroyed real estate can be seen, still predominates, giving an account of the disaster that occurred six months ago.

The trees, palm trees and bent poles on the avenue are also examples of the destruction left behind. Otis. Even with this, the noise of mallets, pickaxes, hammers and saws give an indication that this port is reborn and that soon, the deafening noise will be that of the people who visit it.

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