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ACAPULCO. The Beaches of the Acapulco portGuerrero, looked deserted on the first day of the bridge in the commemoration of the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, and only a few curious people walked along the strip of sand, where the tworkers of the City Council clean up the damage left by the Hurricane Otis.

The Sun of Acapulcoon a tour he took through the tourist areafound that the restaurants look half empty And in the Beaches There are few people who enjoy the waves on a weekend when hoteliers expected between 65 and 70 percent occupancy.

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Few restaurants They opened their doors to serve the customers who arrived, many of them to see for themselves the damage left by the hurricane in the port.

In the spas You can still see the garbage left by the meteor when it ripped out windows, glass, canvas and even drywall walls and doors. hotels, restaurants or condominiums.

There is still debris and garbage in the streets of the port, despite the deployment of brigades of state government workers and Acapulco City Councilas well as scholarship holders from Young People Building the Future.

The accumulations of rubble and garbage are a health risk due to the proliferation of flies and mosquitoes that transmit dengue, zica and chikungunya.

About 30 hotels, two and four stars, offer accommodation for workers from different federal agencies and private companies that joined the reconstruction of Acapulco. Some operate without electricity or water.

The few clubs that already operate are trying to reactivate nightlife with difficulty due to the presence of criminal groups who take advantage of the lack of eletricity to act despite the arrival of thousands of elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Army to the port. Last Wednesday, two people were shot at the La Norteña bar.

The telephony and the Internet They have not been reestablished either, which is why we also suffer from lack of communication in large areas of what was once Mexico’s Window to the world.

He hotel sectorgiven the magnitude of the damage suffered by the passage of Otis, considers resuming his operations in mid-December partially, but it would be until January or February 2024 for them to operate at 100 percent.

Mayor Abelina López Rodríguez canceled the La Nao Acapulco International Festival 2023, a cultural festival that strengthens ties with countries, organized by the Ministry of Welfare and Community Development; It was scheduled for November 11 to 18 in Acapulco

The state government also canceled the Airshowscheduled for November 11 and 12 in the bay of Acapulco. The show, which had not been held for four years, would feature 18 aircraft from different parts of the world.

The governor Evelyn Salgado assured that the cleaning and collection work continues trash both in neighborhoods and in the tourist strip, mainly on the Miguel Alemán coast.


Faced with the devastated image of Acapulcohotel businessmen from the Pie de la Cuesta area assured that the hotel room reservations for December.

The president of the Pie de la Cuesta Hotel and Restaurant Association, María Nelly Mejía Cienfuegos, said that the bad image of Acapulco It puts reservations at risk, and some guests have even changed their dates to go to the port.

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“Some keep their reservations, but will wait until December to decide whether to come or cancel them, while others decide it is better to change the date and come to Pie de la Cuesta another time, this is better than cancellations,” said the businesswoman.

Mejía Cienfuegos stated that even before the passing of hurricane The hotel businessmen of Pie de la Cuesta had 80 percent of the bedrooms reserved for December and that today that percentage dropped at least 20 percent with the change of dates. With information from Francisco Zorroza and Enrique Hernández/El Sol de Acapulco

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