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Since coming to power, October 2021until September of this year, Abelina López Rodríguez, municipal president of Acapulcohas destined 53.4 million pesos to the Civil Protection and Fire Department of that town hall, while the Expenditure for the promotion of his government has been 64.4 million pesos.

According to the budgets of expenses 2022 and 2023 of the Acapulco City Councilthe mayor’s administration morenista He assigned an expense of 38.6 million pesos to said area in his first year of government, and this year 14.7 million pesos were channeled.

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The assignments to Civil Protection and Firefighters of Acapulco include salaries and labor benefits of public servants who work in this institution, according to the expenditure budgets of the last two years, while advertising spending per 64.4 million pesos is the sum of 100 contracts made by the Abelina López government in that period and which publishes its administration in the National Transparency Platform (PNT).

This coordination, according to testimonies from residents of the port warriorissued the first alerts on the magnitude of Hurricane Otis for its intensification to category five.

The mayor’s government invested those resourcesFor example, in the acquisition of “vehicles and transportation equipment” in fiscal year 2022, with a cost of 10 million pesos, as well as “safety and personal protection clothing” and “costumes and uniforms”, for an amount of 500 thousand pesos, also last year.

In this period, the Municipal government of Acapulco also allocated 310,300 pesos for the acquisition of “paintings with photographs, original replicas, of the Municipal President, Teacher Abelina López Rodríguez”according to the contracts registered by its administration in the PNT.

It is also reported an expense of 880,440 pesos for the “lease of a van with four plus armor”special for the protection of robberies, kidnappings and assassination attemptssince it withstands impacts from weapons such as the nine-millimeter Uzi, .44 Magnum and even AK-47 assault rifles, better known as goat horns.”

The mayor allocated those 53.4 million pesos to Civil Protection and Firefighters of Acapulco in the last two years (37.5 million for salaries and labor benefits and 15.9 for equipment), despite Acapulco It is located in an area of ​​high seismicity and is frequently affected by tropical storms, hurricanes and intense rains.

According to testimonies from inhabitants of the port collected by The Sun of Mexico during coverage in Acapulcoafter the devastating impact of Otisapproximately At nine o’clock at night on Tuesday, October 24, they began to receive messages from chat chains, via WhatsApp, where for the first time they were alerted of a potential danger from this hurricane.

The origin of the texts and audios came from PCivil Protection and Firefighters of Acapulco. No one remembers having learned of any alert issued by the municipal or state authorities, headed by Abelina López and Evelyn Salgadorespectively.

Jesús Leyva, owner of a small hotel a few streets from the Coastal Miguel Alemánsaid that four hours after the impact of Otis Messages from Civil Protection and Firefighters circulatedwho were already talking about a hurricane category fourwith the possibility of reaching the category five.

“That was the channel, but The magnitude of this overwhelmed everyone.for the violence with which it impacted and, above all, for the speed it reached. When it was expected that The hurricane would enter at four or five in the morning on October 25the first gusts started around midnight.”

The man, about 35 years old, reiterated that The alerts came from Firefighters and Civil Protection in chat chainsalthough it says that many hoteliers, restaurateurs, discotheque and nightclub owners were the ones who did not transmit those messages to tourists and employees.

Gloria Maza came to live in Acapulco in 1985. The earthquake of On September 19 of that year, he destroyed his house in the Roma neighborhood.. In the next few days he will return to the Mexico Citywith some relatives who have in Coyoacanbecause the room he rents, in front of the Tlacopanocha Beachin the area of Historic Center of Acapulcowas devastated by the Hurricane Otis.

With the Acapulcan tone, he also said that he found out about the magnitude of the hurricane through chat messages that, in fact, came from the Fire brigade. He only laughs when asked if there was any security alert. Mayor’s office or of Government state.

Among the contracts awarded by the management of Abelina Lopez To promote his government, one stands out one million pesos for the “acquisition of various prints to disseminate the works and actions of the Acapulco city council.”

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Another contract, for 609 thousand pesos, was for “printing of banners and badges, rental of billboards and a mobile billboard to disseminate works and government actions”and one more, of 296 thousand 483 pesos, for the “acquisition of 30 banners for billboards, public transport advertising, 20 urban truck medallions and 40 Urvans (truck) medallions to carry out an advertising campaign for the First Government Report of “the municipal president of Acapulco.”

The rest of the agreements establish that the disbursement of 64.4 million pesos was for the concept “provision of media services to disseminate the works and actions carried out by the H. City Council of Acapulco”. In 2022, the government of Abelina López signed 71 contracts, for 34.9 million pesos, and from January to September 2023, it concluded another 29 agreements, for 29.5 million pesos.

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