Adele confirms that she married Rich Paul – El Sol de México

Adele surprised all her followers after she revealed that she has already married businessman Rich Paul.

It was during her friend Alan Carr’s program, where the singer confirmed that she had already gotten married. The interpreter was in the audience when during a stand-up she asked Carra if anyone had recently gotten married, to which Adele shouted in front of everyone present: “I got married.”

The above left everyone speechless and although so far the details of when and where the wedding took place are unknown, the reality is that her fans are very happy about the good news.

Last February, the Daily Mail had reported that the couple had already been engaged for more than a year, so it was expected that their wedding would take place very soon; there were even rumors that it could have been last summer.

When did Adele and Rich Paul start dating?

In July 2021 was when the couple began to be related and some paparazzi had even already captured them going out together.

However, it was at the wedding of the player Anthony Davis, where Adele and Rich Paul made their relationship official in front of their circle of friends and it was at this celebration that the couple took the photograph in which they appear together and that the Hello interpreter shared on your social network.

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It was only in April 2021 that a Los Angeles judge made the artist’s divorce with Konecki official, in which both waived their rights to support and agreed to share physical and legal custody of their son born in 2012.

Although we do not know what the nuptials were like, Adele had already made it known that she and the businessman were already living together after sharing some photos of their residence on Instagram.

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