Aguascalientes Court appoints Néstor Enrique Rivera López as replacement for Ociel Baena – El Sol de México

He Electoral Court of the State of Aguascalientes appointed the magistrate who will take the seat left by Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo, after his death.

It was in the Fourteenth Public Session of the electoral body, chaired by the presiding magistrate Salvador Hernández Gallegos, that Néstor Enrique Rivera López was sworn in as the new magistrate.

According to the president of the jurisdictional body, it was in a private meeting prior to the session that the new magistrate was determined, based on what is established by law, so it will be the acting general secretary who takes over the magistrate, for a period of 2023 until the Senate of the Republic determines how long the acting judiciary will last, a project that it should be noted has been waiting to be approved for about a year.

We had to put the secretary in office so as not to stop the electoral process, we had to appoint a person in office, I do not know when he will be appointed, the power and obligation belongs to the Senate of the RepublicElectoral Court of the State of Aguascalientes

The authorities present said they were confident that the new magistrate will perform a integral, impartial function and with endorsement of the commitment that the institution requires to guarantee political electoral rights.

For his part, Néstor Enrique Rivera López recognized the circumstances that led him to occupy a magistracy, however, he said he was committed and offered to work together and open doors to dialogue, in order to guarantee the political-electoral rights of citizens.

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