Aguascalientes Prosecutor’s Office investigates leak of photos of lifeless Ociel Baena – El Sol de México

After images of the discovery of the lifeless bodies of Jesús Ociel Baena and his partner Dorian Nievesand were subsequently published on various platforms, an investigation was initiated in that regard.

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The filtration This type of images is prohibited after the Ingrid Law was decreed, in October 2022, Those responsible for circulating these images must be investigated and punished that violate the rights of direct and indirect victims.

Although, until now no formal complaint has been received, The FGE initiated the investigation ex officio; For this reason, Representative San Juana Martínez asked anyone who feels offended, in this sense, to use the laws and report to punish those allegedly responsible.

For her part, Angélica Contreras, activist, said in this regard that it is a lack of sensitivity on the part of the authorities to image leakfor which he demanded to find those responsible and punish them as established by law.

Manuel Gutiérrez, president of the Ser Gay Collective, regretted that these actions arise from the economic need of the police elements, who are looking for an opportunity to sell confidential information; “undoubtedly that photograph came from the first responders.”

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Finally, it is important to remember that the first authority responding to the events was the State Public Security Secretariat.

Originally published in The Sun of the Center

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