Alicia Machado’s lawsuit with José Manuel Figeroa continues – El Sol de México

The stories of women who receive insults, violence and beatings are daily bread, the only difference is that if they reported domestic violence 15 years ago they ended up accusing the victim, so no one ever opened their mouth and on top of that, if you dared to report, the cowards took it out on his wife and even killed her…

Supposedly now they believe you more, but even today it is a problem to go to report, because on top of that they put the woman in the dock, that is why Alicia Machado made her decision: “Whatever José Manuel Figueroa says, I maintain that I suffered mistreatment and physical violence against him, even if he says that why didn’t I report it to the Public Ministry, I am not going to do it because that was many years ago, it is very complex to take legal action, I only wanted to expose the violence that I suffered at the hands of him for my mental health, which does not mean that I am going to embark on a legal complaint and saying that for me is not revenge, it is simply therapy.”

What is true is that talking is therapy, telling the secrets you have kept in your heart restores your health and Alicia has never told lies nor has she ever been a mythomaniac.


On the other hand, do feelings, love and fidelity no longer fit anywhere?

Thaily Villalobos, is a cynical woman who, on top of that, says that she got involved with a committed man like José Manuel Figueroa, claims that she had a threesome with him and a friend to have fun, while the singer was dating Marie Claire Harp.

Everyone manages their sexual life as they want, the problem is when you upload it to your social networks and you want to appear as the victim when you are the victimizer, they still say they are surprised that Marie Claire did not notice and on top of that they want to blame her for the his infidelities.

There is no way for a woman to take care of her man 24 hours a day so that your boyfriend doesn’t go around “boring” others!


The strangest thing I have heard is that Angélica Vale said: “I was never chubby but all the people told me that I was fat even though I wasn’t, but I let myself be influenced and the truth is that I have a hormonal problem that a doctor detected in me and “I already lost 20 kilos.”

The point, not only with Angélica Vale, but with all people, is not whether you are skinny or fat, which is really very subjective, the point is that no one has to give explanations about their weight but she very kindly did and let’s hope May everyone be happy with that explanation and colorín colorado.

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