Ambush on Armed Forces in Numarán, Michoacán, leaves five officers injured – El Sol de México

Morelia, Michoacán.- Groups of armed civilians gather they faced tonight against elements of the Civil Guard and the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) in the municipalities of Ixtlanlocated 30 km north of Zamora, and Numaran15 km south of La Piedad on the borders with Guanajuato.

The soldiers were traveling in the community of Los Limones when they were attacked by armed individuals traveling aboard several vehicles.

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Almost simultaneously, uniformed personnel in Numarán reported an armed attack against uniformed members of the Civil Guard and National Guard, which left several injured even without the figures being revealed.

In both cases, officers from the three levels of government traveled to the sites of the attack to reinforce the gendarmes who were under attack.

This morning, in Lombardía, a municipality that belongs to Gabriel Zamora, municipal police officers were attacked by two armed individuals. As a result of this attack, five officers were injured.

Hours later, in Zamora they blocked roads with burned vehicles, without registering confrontations or more criminal acts.

Originally published in El Sol de Morelia

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