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Within the framework of the civil-military Ceremony for the 113th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that this Monday he published the decree in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) to order the return of trains to operation. passengers in the country.

“The people of Mexico have at their side, as their guardian angel, the democratic Government, the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and the National Guard so that our people can live with peace and well-being,” said the president. .

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When leading the parade for the Anniversary of the Revolution, the president gave a message in which he expressed that the Revolution “was made by rail and horseback,” for this reason, he stressed that he chose this day to announce that he published the decree in the DOF.

“The decree establishes the return of modern passenger trains with the use of 17,484 kilometers of railway tracks and facilities that were concessioned for cargo service and now these railway tracks will also be used for passenger train service.” AMLO pointed out.

Although the president in previous days said that the decree was not about privatization, the document states that “in the event that the concessionaires of the public rail freight transport service do not present viable proposals in investment, construction time, modernization of roads to grant passenger service or do not express their interest and acceptance” no later than January 15, 2024, the Federal Government, “through the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation, may grant assignment titles to the Secretariat of National Defense or the Secretariat of the Navy, which already operate the Maya Train and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Train, or, where appropriate, to individuals who present proposals and are interested in providing the passenger rail transport service in terms of the provisions of the Regulatory Law of Railway Services and its Regulations.”

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According to the decree published today by the president, the 17 passenger train routes will be the following:

  • Mexico City-Veracruz, called the “Jarocho” Train
  • Mexico-Querétaro Train “El Constitucionalista” Train
  • Mexico City-SLP-Monterrey, “El Regiomontano” Train
  • Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo, “Nuevo Regiomontano” Train
  • Monterrey-Matamoros, “El Tamaulipeco” Train
  • Mexico City-Mérida, “El Meridano” Train
  • Mexico City-Guadalajara, “El Tapatío” Train
  • Mexicali-Nogales-Mazatlán-Tepic-Guadalajara, “El Mexicali” Train
  • Mexico City-Aguascalientes, “El San Marqueño” Train
  • Aguascalientes-León, “El Zapatero” Train
  • Aguascalientes-Chihuahua, “El Dorado” Train
  • Chihuahua-Ciudad Juárez, “Northern Division” Train
  • Mexico City-Uruapan, “El Purépecha” Train
  • Mexico City-Oaxaca, “Oaxacan” Train
  • Manzanillo-Guadalajara, “El Colimense” Train
  • Saltillo-Piedras Negras, “El Coahuilense” Train
  • Mexico City-Pachuca, “El Hidalguense” Train

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