AMLO invites the MS Band to play in his last cry of Independence – El Sol de México

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He will give his last cry on September 15 to commemorate Independence Day in the Zócalo, for which he invited the MS band to liven up the event.

During his conference from the National Palace, the president detailed part of the planning for his last cry while leading the country.

“It’s going to be my last cry for Independence on the 15th, and it’s going to be about bands, but we want bands from Oaxaca, there are some of the best bands, then we want something that has to do with mariachi and then there’s a band, that once (once) I take this opportunity to tell the MS Band that we invite them because they have behaved very supportively, very fraternally,” he said.

López Obrador even asked the regional Mexican group to play songs like “The color of your eyes” and “Don’t ask me for forgiveness,” but without overcharging for the performance at the Zócalo.

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