Anahí reappears in the last RBD show in Brazil [Video] – The Sun of Mexico

Anahí gave a pleasant surprise to her followers in Brazil after she appeared in her last show after being hospitalized on November 17.

The singer said she was very happy for her return and thanked the entire audience for their expressions of affection.

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Accompanied by her four companions, Anahí once again sang the hits that made the band famous, also made up of Dulce María, Maité Perroni, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez.

What happened to Anahí in Brazil?

On November 17, Anahí had to give bad news to her Brazilian fans during her concert by informing them that she would no longer be able to continue with the show due to severe pain she was experiencing.

After the announcement, her colleagues continued with the presentation and even sang the singer’s emblematic song “Sálvame.”

After leaving the stage, the artist was taken to a Sao Paulo hospital in an ambulance and was treated by doctors, who eventually diagnosed her with a serious kidney infection.

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However, Anahí managed to recover and thus be able to perform at her last show in Brazil.

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