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The actress Andrea Torre, known for her role as “The Girl” in the series A Family of Tenwas diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago, so he underwent treatment to counteract the effects of this disease and a year later after overcoming it is when he made it public through a video that he shared with his followers.

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The sister of actor José María Torre He uploaded this material to show the way in which he lived the process and She also posted several images in which she boasted the support she received from her husband, the producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, as well as her children, who always accompanied her and were by her side.

Shortly after making this difficult stage public, Andrea Torre received great support from her followerswho is the they congratulated for having overcome this stage; Likewise, some users commented that they went through something similar.

How was your treatment?

Through her Instagram account, Andrea Torre detailed that A year and 4 months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.; despite of impact What this diagnosis meant, he assured that he always looked for a way to deal with it.

That’s how it started with him medical treatment in which I had to go to the hospital to receive chemotherapies and radiotherapies. As time went by his hair thinned, but he never lost it completely.

Along with his fight against cancer, he did not stop filming the last seasons of A family of ten, so he had to use one wig to bring his character to life. In the video that she uploaded to her TikTok He showed a fragment of the process he followed to prepare.

“I managed to overcome this disease,” noted the actress to add: “This journey brought out the strength and courage that I didn’t know I had, it changed my perspective on many things and my life definitely took a 360 degree turn.”

Total received 18 chemotherapies, one operation, 16 radiotherapies and 12 immunotherapies. Whenever she finished any of these procedures, she took a photo with the medical staff who treated her and included these images in the recording that she uploaded to her networks.

Andrea Torre launches prevention message

Andrea Torre highlighted that she was able to overcome cancer thanks to the support she received from her nearest circle, as well as for the specialists who were responsible for providing him with the necessary support.

“Thanks to my husband (without you I would not have made it), my children, my family, friends, my team of doctors and the nurses who took care of me, this fight was more bearable. “With Faith, hope and a lot of love you can always find the engine to move forward,” he stressed.

Before finishing your message, Andrea Tower invited all people to undergo periodic check-ups to find any anomaly, because early detection makes a difference: “If it is detected in time, it is curable. Don’t forget to get checked and go to an Oncologist.”

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