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HUELVA. after the movie Valentina or serenitywhich competes in the Official Section of the 49th edition of Festival from Huelva Cinema Ibero-American, the filmmaker angels crossdevelops a new feature film, portraying the periphery of Mexico City, that migration belt that exists in the big city, with a reflection on old age and what collapses with age.

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In interview with The Sun of Mexico, announced that his next project is located in Mexico City, “thinking that we can never get rid of what we see, I would like to portray the periphery, where many of the people who come from the interior of the republic live; re-stretching the bond, my community bond, which I believe is very powerful and is what draws my spirit.”

He noted that with this he thought about leaving “the great comfort that is working in my town, because it is a safe, protected, loving environment for me, with a lot of support and going to the city, where I have also received part of this hug; “In the most difficult places you find solidarity and love too.”

He explained that with this new projectwants to reflect on old age and develop “what it is that we are losing, what it is that it collapses with age“, with illnesses, with what happens in your head, that you lose part of your memory, part of what constitutes you and what remains.”

He gave as an example that he is seeing his mother, at 92 years old, “with her firm spirit, but that the body, the mind is not helping, things are losing meaning and that people are falling apart with age, although they “keeps the spirit.”

About this new feature filmthe filmmaker, author of the short films Tiredness or how to cure sadness, The letter, Archangeland the feature film Mixtec knotassured that the entire writing process has already been completed and now the process of obtaining financing will begin.

Ángeles Cruz presented in Huelva Valentina or serenityaccompanied by the actress Myriam Bravo, one of the protagonists of the cast. Cruz, which is characterized by building its films from and with his indigenous Mixtec community, he proposes in this film an intimate and delicate look at the process of mourning in childhood. Through the story of the young Valentinathe viewer discovers the depths of loss and the healing power of true love.


Mariana and Santiago Arriaga brought the Huelva Film Festival open air (2023), a co-production between Mexico and Spain that is the first feature film in both of their careers, a fast-paced “road movie” that delves into a journey in search of reparation for two teenage brothers and their stepsister, whom they have just met. .

He filmstarring Federica García, Máximo Hollander, Theo Goldín and Cecilia Suárez, which will be recognized with the City of Huelva Award in this 49th edition of the Huelva contest, was written at the age of 35 by the prestigious and multi-award-winning writer and filmmaker Guillermo Arriaga (screenwriter of the trilogy Dog loves, 21 grams and Babel, among others), almost the same age as their children who, today, run it. The story delves into a journey in search of reparation for two teenage brothers and their stepsister, whom they have just met.

Santiago Arriaga recognized that for them “it is a privilege to make a movie of our father”, to which Mariana added that “it is very nice to be in Huelva presenting this project that we have been working on for so many years. It has been an experience that we have enjoyed very much.”

On movie, Santiago Arriaga explained that “this type of muscular filming, filmed in such an inhospitable climate, makes people feel it and be involved during the screening.” In this sense, his sister and co-director of the movieMariana Arriaga, indicated that “the movie It is also crossed by the gaze of the three teenagers who star in it, who with their drive also had a lot to contribute.”

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For the director, the screening at the Great theater of Huelva: “It was very nice, people came up to talk to us in a very intimate way. The barrier between the public and directors is broken and it feels very close and warm,” he said.

The Arriaga brothers have been filming since 2016, with titles such as Zero hour, B-167-980-098 and Blameless. These last two films They were nominated for the Ariel Award from the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

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