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BUENOS AIRES. The Argentine justice froze the assets and lifted the tax and banking secrecy of former president Alberto Fernández and several of his collaborators, as part of an investigation into alleged corruption regarding the contracting of State insurance during his Government, judicial sources confirmed.

He federal judge Julián Ercolini, in charge of the room 11 of the national criminal and federal correctional court, ordered the general inhibition of assets of Fernandez and lifted the tax and banking secrecy on his accounts in the case that investigates whether the president favored the contracting of insurance for the Stateto the husband of his private secretary.

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The measure of Ercolini also covers 32 people, former officials, companies and cooperatives that are being investigatedwho will now not be able to sell or dispose of their assets.

The decision covers the intermediary Hector Martinez Sosa and his wife María CanteroFernández’s secretary, a link that, for the judge, raises the suspicion that it determined the former president’s role in insurance intermediation between state entities and Insurance Nation. Fernández is accused of a scandal related to the contracting of insurance by public organizations during his Government.

Fernández is being investigated for irregularities surrounding a decree which he signed in December 2021, for which ordered that all public organizations must contract insurance in Nación Segurosfrom the state National Bankin which friends of the former president would have benefited as intermediaries, collecting million-dollar commissions.

Despite not needing managers to take out these insurances, Public organizations used their secretary’s husband and his friend as an intermediary.Martínez Sosa, who also appears as a creditor of the former president.

“Basic law”

On the other hand, The Argentine government circulated to legislators and governors a reduced and modified version of its extensive bill of a general reform called “Basic law” in search of a “second chance” to promote the project that was rejected in the upper house of the Congress at the beginning of this year.

The bill, which ranges from plans to privatize state entities to measures to allow reductions in state subsidies, is a key pillar of the libertarian president’s economic plan. Javier Milei that seeks reform plans to solve a serious economic crisis, with inflation above 275 percent and central bank reserves close to zero.

The economist, who was surprised when he won the elections last year and only has a minority in the Congresshas been forced to concede his positions to potential political allies after the bill was rejected in February.

At least 10 people were arrested and 10 others were injured during a demonstration of social organizations in Buenos Aires against the Milei’s economic measures and to demand food for soup kitchens.

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Helping the canteens It was suspended in December, when the ultraliberal government took office.within the framework of the severe fiscal adjustments that Milei carries on.

Four months after the arrival of the new government, street demonstrations are an everyday scene in the Argentine capital. The protesters also denounce a wave of layoffs announced last week that affects 15,000 national administration workers.

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