Armed men burn urvans on the Amojileca-Chilpancingo route – El Sol de México

Armed men set fire to two urvans on the Amojileca-Chilpancingo route, within its base located in the Morelos neighborhood, in Chilpancingo.

The events occurred around 9:40 a.m. when the emergency number was reported about a strong fire at said bus base.

Immediately to the place, Dozens of security elements arrived, who guarded the perimeter; Firefighters then entered to put out the fire where Two people were treated for a nervous breakdown and a driver was treated for minor burns. because he tried to put out the fire.

The two urvans, who make the route to the town of Amojileca, located about 15 minutes from the capital, They were completely consumed by the fire.

Almost at the same time as this fire, it was reported that Another urvan, on the local route that goes to the Villas Silvestre neighborhood, had been set on fire, However, it was just a rumor.

Since the beginning of the year, a series of attacks on public transportation began in the capital, which caused it to be suspended for a week in the month of February.

It was in the middle of the month that the Bishop of Chilpancingo José De Jesus González Hernández announced that the two criminal groups who were fighting for the place in the capital, had reached an agreement.

Following this agreement between these two criminal groups, the city began to move in an atmosphere of apparent calm and tranquility, which was seen in the reduction of homicides in recent weeks.

Although the government authorities indicated that only they could intervene in security matters, As a result of this alleged criminal pact, acts of violence against driving workers also decreased.

González Hernández himself pointed out that he was unaware of the scope of this pact or its temporality, but even during the Palm Sunday ceremony, he asked the population to pray for it to continue.

Classes suspended in Amojileca, Guerrero

After armed attack to the urvan base of the Chilpancingo-Amojileca route, teachers that serve the community schools decided cancel all services indefinitely.

According to one of the teachers, Classes were suspended in Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Telebachillerato.

The teachers left the community because none of them are originally from the place, they all travel daily from Chilpancingo to that place.

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