Attack in Plaza Sendero in Villahermosa, Tabasco, leaves one dead and one injured – El Sol de México

Citizens reported detonations of Firearms this Thursday at Sendero shopping plaza, located in the colony Red earth of Beautiful villa, presumably at the height of the premises of the DPortenis company.

The first reports indicate that the square security guard was the first to go to verify the facts, finding that a man, apparently young, was injured by firearm projectiles. There was also, according to the guard’s testimony, an apparently pregnant woman in crisis.

When the first medical unit responded to the call for help, they reported that the male subject reported as injured She had already died, so they proceeded to give the woman first aid.

preliminary reports of police sources They point out that apparently it was two men with motorcycle helmets who entered the square through the entrance to Cinépolis, who attacked the aforementioned people.

In various videos that are already circulating on social networks, a man can be seen wearing dark pants, tennis shoes and a blue shirt while crawling on the floor of the square in a pool of blood.

Likewise, in other photos and clips, a woman can be seen lying down.

These facts occur within the framework of the statements of the governor of the state of Tabasco, Carlos Manuel Merino Camposwho pointed out this morning that the blankets with threats from alleged cartels that have appeared in various parts of the city are “a good sign”, because it is the reaction of criminal groups in light of the actions taken against the unsafety.

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