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Every year BBC Publish your list 100 women from all over the world who managed to influence and inspire to make great changes in their communities, and this 2023 two mexicans They were recognized for their work.

Fabiola Trejo and Clara Elizabeth Fragoso Ugarte They are the Mexican women who appear for their work to eliminate female sexual pleasure as taboo and achieve gender equality in sectors dominated by men, respectively.

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They, along with others 98 women They are recognized because they contributed to social causes from different areas. On the list are some personalities such as Michelle Obama, former first lady of the United States, Hollywood actress América Ferrera, and Aitana Bonmatí, Ballon d’Or-winning soccer player.

Who are the two Mexican women on the list of 100 women

Fabiola Trejo

Fabiola Trejo has a PhD in Psychology from UNAM, a specialist in Sexual Pleasure, and is dedicated to research and sexual education.

During his almost two decades as a professional, he has worked hard to address issues related to Social inequality, gender violence and political power of sexual pleasurein order to promote the sexual justice for women.

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In addition, Trejo gives practical workshops and lectures to help people, especially women, be free to explore pleasure, orgasms and masturbation so that they are no longer seen as “taboo”.

She even has a podcast titled “Pleasure Revolution” where she talks about topics such as grief, being single, or taboos of female sexuality.

Regarding her appearance on the BBC list, Fabiola shared on social networks that it is “unreal” to be among the group and that “it feels more beautiful when the pleasure is shared.

Clara Elizabeth Fragoso Ugarte

One of the industries in which there are less female participation is in the Freight transportand Clara Elizabeth Fragoso Ugarte She is aware of this because she has been dedicated to this work for more than 17 years.

And although as a truck driver, the Durango native must spend a lot of time on Mexican roads delivering goods, she has a family made up of her four children and seven grandchildren.

With her experience in the transportation industry, she provides training to young drivers and aims to inspire others to join the sector and achieve gender equality.

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Latin American women

In other regions of Latin America There are also women working for different social causes, such as environmental protection:

  • Camila Pirelli, Paraguay: Olympic athlete interested in taking action on climate change.

  • Sonia Guadalajara, Brazil: First minister of the indigenous peoples, committed to the fight against environmental crimes.

  • Alicia Cahuiya, Ecuador: Indigenous rights activist

  • Christiana Figueres, Costa Rica: Diplomat and climate policy negotiator.

  • Lala Pasquinelli, Argentina: artist who has promoted campaigns that question beauty stereotypes and the representation of women in the media.

  • Anamaría Font Villaroel, Venezuela: Particle physicist chosen for the UNESCO Women in Science award.

  • Andreza Delgado, Brazil: curator and cultural manager focused on democratizing access to culture in her country.

  • Isabel Farías Meyer, Chile: activist for premature menopause.

  • Carolina Díaz Pimentel, Peru: journalist and founder of non-profit projects and foundations.

  • Marcela Fernández, Colombia: Founder of the NGO “Cumbres Blancas”.

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