Belgium investigates alleged Russian “interference” in the European Parliament – El Sol de México

Belgian federal prosecutors launched a investigation into alleged Russian “interference” in the institutions of the European Union, especially the European Parliament, announced this Friday the Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander de Croo.

“Our judicial authorities have confirmed that This interference is subject to action by prosecutors“De Croo said at a press conference.

The investigation follows allegations about a Russian-funded influence network that he would have corrupted members of the European Parliament to spread propaganda.

“The monetary payments did not occur in Belgium, but the interference did,” De Croo said.

A source from the prosecution confirmed to AFP that The investigation was formally opened on Thursdayalthough he did not offer details.

De Croo noted that, according to Belgian intelligence services, Russia intends to “help elect more pro-Russian candidates to the European Parliament” during the June elections.

“Reinforcing pro-Russian discourse within this institution is extremely worrying,” he added.

“As Belgium is the seat of the European institutions, We have a responsibility to defend the right of every citizen to a free and safe vote“he indicated.

The management of Russian interference in the face of the elections to the European Parliament (June 6-9) will be on the agenda of the leaders’ summit scheduled in Brussels next Wednesday and Thursday, said the Belgian prime minister.

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The Czech Republic claimed in March that it had discovered and dismantled a Russian-funded network to promote propaganda about the war in Ukraine.

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