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For Felipe Vallejo, new CEO of Bitso Mexicoalthough the company is positioned as the most important in the market of cryptocurrencies In Latin America, the mission for 2024 is to lead the push for financial services digital, under his leadership massify the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the country.

“We seek that the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies follow a trajectory similar to that taken by the Internet in terms of massification and we will achieve this by generating practical use cases in which people use them in their daily lives and can have a benefit. That is our main mission,” Vallejo told El Sol de México.

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According to the manager, in Mexico there are approximately 10 million users active in the market, while in Latin America they are around 500 millionmainly in countries like Argentina or Brazil.

For this reason, he announced that once he assumes management of the company, in January 2024, he will focus on two objectives: continue working to generate confidence in these assets, as well as have the best security standards.

The vision of Felipe Vallejo For the first six months of 2024, it will be focused on people using more cryptocurrencies and that they value them as part of their assets, such as investments in variable income.

According to the analysis The geography of 2023, report of cryptocurrencies According to The Chainalysis, Mexico climbed 12 places on the list of countries where the use of this type of asset is most frequent, reaching 16th place.

The report added that the adoption of the cryptocurrencies worldwide it has decreased and has not recovered its historical maximum.

A few days ago, the Undersecretary of the Treasury, Gabriel Yorio González, reported through his account Twitternow X, that Mexico subscribed, along with other countries, to the Collective Commitment for the Implementation of the Crypto Asset Reporting Framework (CARF).

This declaration, according to the document, seeks to monitor the dynamics of the cryptoasset market, through automatic exchange of information. In addition, it will serve to combat tax evasion and ensure tax compliance, thus protecting public revenues.

Regarding this, Vallejo pointed out that Mexico was already ahead with the issue and thanks to the impulse of The Fintech Law in 2018, which gave a clear definition of what constitutes a virtual asset, something that other countries such as the United States have not achieved.


Vallejo served as director Bitso Global Corporate and Regulatory Affairs from 2021, and will maintain this role in parallel.

In addition, he has a long history in the industry, as he also acts as a member of the Council of the US Mexico Foundation and is president of the Fintech Mexico Associationor, in which it is responsible for promoting policies in favor of the regulation of the fintech ecosystem.

Felipe Vallejo will succeed the current CEO of Mexico, Bárbara González Briseño, who has led the business strategy in Bitso since 2021.

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“I am excited to continue the challenge of driving the adoption of crypto-based finance in our country. I appreciate the opportunity you give me Bitso to work with the same passion that Barbara did,” he said.

“I am excited to continue the challenge of driving the adoption of crypto-based finance in our country, now as CEO of Bitso México. “I am grateful for the opportunity that Bitso gives me to work with the same passion that Barbara did, leaving an important legacy and an unmatched team that I am happy to lead from now on,” she said.

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