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High temperatures in Brazil dDuring the last week they have caused thousands of people are at risk, since the thermal sensation has broken a record by wearing the thermometer at 58.5 °C in Guaritiba and 42.6°C In janeiro river.

The municipal emergency service, Alerta Río, indicated that during this weekend the high temperatures will continue above 40 degrees, although they will appear rains in some areas of the city.

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The INational Institute of Meteorology of Brazil (INMET) made known through his count of that there are more than 3 thousand red alerts throughout the country due to heat wave.

The INMEET He also reported that until now, the region has suffered eight heat waves throughout 2023, which have ranged between 39.5 and 44.3 degrees.

He extreme heat in Brazil has also caused a new historical record in electrical energy consumption by exceeding 101,400 megawatts, according to the National Electrical System Operator.

As a consequence of climate change, Brazil has sufferedor atypical droughtsFurthermore, phenomena such as The boy have caused rivers in the Amazon are reduced.

On the other hand, the fires mainly caused by people in the Marshland, the largest wetland in the worldhave aggravated in November the exceptional drought.

In accordance with Or GlobeSao Paulo experienced a 102.5 percent increase in hospitalizations due to high heat exposure, compared to 2022. The city also saw the death of Apollo Gabriel Rodrigues, 2 years old, who was forgotten inside a school.

He climate change in Brazil has gone from heat tos storms, in Sao Paulo The entry of a cold front arrived with wind gusts of between 80 and 100 kilometers on Saturday afternoon.

Tarcísio de Freitas, governor of Sao Paulohe askedto cancellation of outdoor events. In the capital, 55 planned events were suspended. He city ​​hall ordered municipal departments to rearrange the time or location of scheduled events.

Heat in Brazil takes the life of a swiftie

Last Friday there was a concert of Taylor Swift in Rio de Janeiro, as part of his tour The Eras Tourbut the situation got out of control.

The heat wavery the prohibition of the organizers so that the attendees could enter with water, caused a fan of the singer died before starting the show.

Friends of Ana Benavides23 years old, reported for social networks that Swiftie died from cardiopulmonary arrest.

Besides of death of Benavides, thousands of people showed up fainted people before the unfathomable sun that fell in the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium.

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Taylor Swift had to cancel their second show that would take place last Saturday due to the danger posed by the extreme heat in the city.

“I am writing this text from my dressing room in it stadium. We take the decision to postpone the Show tonight because of the temperature extreme in River. The security and welfare of my fansmy dancers and the public They will always come first,” Swift said on her social networks.

With information from EFE and AFP

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