Brugada proposes monthly evaluation of police officers in CDMX – El Sol de México

Clara Brugada Molina, candidate of Morena, Labor Party and Green Ecologist Party of Mexico to the government of Mexico City, proposed maintaining the current public security model, since this has shown results in the reduction of crimes per 100 thousand inhabitants, as well as in the perception of insecurity.

During a meeting with the Citizen Security Observatory, He promised that every month there will be an evaluation of the police, in which representatives from each mayor’s office will participate., as well as neighbors in each neighborhood. “Month after month they are evaluating and the police have to learn, today they are used to their bosses knowing the situation in their territory, and they have to learn to be accountable to the citizens,” he commented.

The Morenista added that she will continue with the team that Omar García Harfuch left in charge, when he served as head of the CDMX Citizen Security Secretariat.

He mentioned that the morning security cabinet will continue and the number of territorial security coordination units will grow, which currently number 70. “We have to expand the number of sectors to better address the issue; but the sectors with a morning meeting as well, with links not only from the head of Government, but also citizens,” he said.

He explained that will invite the Citizen Security Observatory to the local government, to help monitor, by sector and by quadrant, the goals to be met in the matter during the next administration. “The best comptroller, the best watchdog will always be the citizen, and the citizen cannot be deceived, because the citizens know, they have thousands of eyes,” he added.

He explained that he will create 1,500 kilometers of safe roads and, hand in hand with the mayors, they will illuminate all the streets.

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