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The season of offers and discounts has arrived with El Buen Fin, but before you rush to spend money on products that you had not considered thinking it is a good opportunity, or resort to credit cards, think for a moment so as not to waste your savings .

How to achieve it? According to Luis Arciniega, business manager of MetaXchange and specialist in Business Risk Management, the mentality in Good End purchases must be changed.

To do this, he recommends putting your savings to work intelligently, that is, investing so that the fruit of your investment pays for purchases instead of going into debt.

How to achieve it? Here are some tips from the specialist:

1. Set objectives: Before the Good End begins, clearly define your purchase objectives. Make a list of the items you want to purchase and set a budget for each one. This approach will help you avoid impulse purchases and allow you to focus on what you really need.

2. Learn to invest: By investing your savings instead of spending them, your money works for you. Well-selected investments have the potential to generate returns that can grow your wealth over time.

3. Buy responsibly: During the Buen Fin, it is tempting to overspend due to discounts. However, remember your savings goals and stick to your shopping list. Avoid impulse purchases and stay true to your budget.

4. Use appropriate payment methods: Paying with cash or debit card instead of credit cards is a great way to avoid going into debt. When you pay with cash or debit, you ensure that you are using the funds you previously saved and not incurring additional debt.

5. Review your finances before buying: Before making any purchase, make sure you are in a solid financial position. Don’t go into debt beyond your means, and consider how your purchase will affect your budget in the long term.

6. Maintain emotional control: Offers and discounts can trigger strong emotions, but it is important to stay calm and make rational decisions. Don’t give in to the pressure of buying impulsively.

7. Celebrate your achievements: Once you have made your purchases without going into debt during the Good End, celebrate it. Recognize your financial achievements and reward yourself for your discipline and effort.

Changing your mentality when shopping for Buen Fin, prioritizing investment and avoiding debt, can give you greater financial peace of mind and greater control over your personal finances. By following these tips and focusing on your long-term financial goals, you will be able to enjoy the Buen Fin in a more responsible and beneficial way. Remember that shopping responsibly is a way to take care of your long-term financial well-being.


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