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This year, the nominations for Canacine Awards They show a balance between comedy, horror and social cinema.

Through a statement, the National Chamber of the Film Industry announced its nominees in the nine categories of the XVIII delivery of the Canacine Awardswhich will take place on December 5 at the Kaluz Museum.

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The films considered for recognition are those released in theaters from December 1, 2022 to November 15, 2023.

In the Best Actress category, they are nominated Veronica Bravo for the comedy “Surviving my XV”; Natalia Solian for the horror film “Huesera”; White War for the dramatic comedy “How to Kill Mom”; Fiona Palomo for the romantic comedy “Nothing to See”; Monica Huarte for the success of recent weeks, “Señora influencer” and Claudia Ramírez for the social thriller “Confesiones”, also recently released.

Best Actor includes Eugenio Derbez for “Radical”, the film based on real events in which he plays a teacher from Tamaulipas who creates a teaching method; Alfonso Herrera and Damián Alcázar for Luis Estrada’s political satire “Long live Mexico!”, Juan Manuel Bernal for “Confesiones”; Memo Villegas for “Surviving my XV”; Fernando Cuautle for “Heroico”, the film that makes a crude portrait of the disciplinary regime at the Military College and Silverio Palacios for the road movie that travels the country from end to end, “Welcome to the North”.

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In the Women’s Promise category they compete Jennifer Trejo for “Radical”; Berenice Jonguitude for “Surviving my XV”; Macarena Garcia for “Madame influencer” and Emilia Berjon for “Trigal”, a youth drama in which two teenagers fall in love with the same boy during a summer vacation, while the Male Promise will be defined between Santiago Sandoval for “Heroic”; Memo Dorantes for “Madame influencer”; Emilio Trevino for “Confesiones” and Alex Fernández for “Malvada”.

Luis Estrada with “Long live Mexico!” Chava Letters with “Surviving my XV”; Michelle Garza Cervera for “Huesera”; David Zonana for “Heroic”; Carlos Santos with “Señora influencer” and Carlos Carrera for “Confesiones” compete for Best Direction.

The films nominated for Best Documentary are the animated film about the migration phenomenon “Home Is Somewhere Else”by Carlos Hagerman and Jorge Villalobos; “Gods of Mexico”, by Helmut Dosantos, on the forms of resistance to modernization in rural Mexico; “To see you again”by Carolina Corral Paredes, which shows the work of families searching for the disappeared; “These are not times to forget”by David Castañón, which follows an elderly couple for whom exile and Alzheimer’s are agents of oblivion; “Pedro”by Liora Spilk Bialostozky, who portrays her friendship with the octogenarian artist Pedro Friedeberg and the directorial debut of actress Ofelia Medina, “The brought and the brought”which follows the traditional festival dedicated to the Virgin of Zapopan.

They are nominated in the Best Film category “Long live Mexico!”, “Heroic”, “Radical”, “Confesiones”, “Huesera” and “Señora influencer”. While for Best Animated Film there is only one candidate, “Max”by Pablo José Barrosa, about the life of the Polish saint Maximilian Kolbe, who died in Auschwitz.

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Finally, the Canacine Award 2023 for the Best Advertising Campaign will be defined between “Unhappy forever”, and “Surviving my XV”, from Videocine; “Long live Mexico!” by Sony; and “Huesera” and “Heroico”, from Cinépolis Distribución.

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