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“For years in Celaya “We are all afraid, but many of us also have responsibility,” he says. Juan Miguel Ramírez Sánchezcandidate for municipal presidency of Celaya, appointed after the murder last week of Gisela Gaytán.

In interview with The Sun of Mexico, Ramírez Sánchez points out that he started his campaign from home giving interviews because he still does not have security, which he requested from the federal government, and advanced his plans to pacify the municipality.

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-Do you feel safe after what happened (the murder of candidate Gisela Gaytán)? I imagine it’s not very quiet in the area?

Note that for years in Celaya We are all afraid, but many of us also have responsibility and we are going to move forward, the murder of our partner is not going to break us Gisela.

Ramírez Sánchez was territorial coordinator in Gisela Gaytán’s campaign

-Have you already requested the security mechanism for candidates?

Yes, it was requested by the state committee and the municipal committee (of Brunette), but at this moment we are doing IEEG and to INE a personal request, which I am making, because we do not want them to say later that we did not make a request, although the state committee and the national committee have requested security for us.

Therefore, we are carrying out a campaign like this: on the radio, through interviews, and we hope that during the day the security problem will be solved and we will be at ground level as it should be.

-And at the local level, do you have any kind of security, I mean a municipal police officer who is accompanying you or are you moving on your own?

Right now we don’t have anyone’s security. We have no security from anyone. Let’s hope it becomes more concrete soon and we are home. Today we are at home.

We are doing a campaign like this: on the radio, through interviews (…) Right now we don’t have anyone’s security

Juan Miguel Ramírez Sánchez, candidate for mayor of Celaya

-What are your first security plans for the municipality?

Within what corresponds to the capacity of the municipal authority, first we understand that the security problem has origins, it has roots in the social fabric that has decomposed in the last three years and this has caused us to reach this situation, therefore, What we propose is to shape the social fabric also with culture, with recreation, with sports and access to employment.

We propose, for example, a solidarity economycreate cooperatives of production, consumption, living placeof transportetc., and we want there to be houses of culture in the different communities, in the neighborhoods.

Also, look for ways to police that we have arrive quickly, They average 17 minutes. If you talk to them, 17 minutes later they arrive and attack what corresponds to the municipality, which is robbery, car theft, home-room robberyWe have to do all these things. There we have, for example, people using motorcycles to kill.

The commando that murdered Gisela he had motorcyclesbut most motorcycles in Celaya They don’t have plates then. There are such simple things that must be done to reduce the level of crime, that we have to do and I don’t know why they haven’t been done if they are very simple.

-I imagine that you or your team have already done an analysis of the conditions in which the municipal police find themselves and the best ones that should be done. What would they be?

Yes, among other things, We will first have to ask the federal government for support… We have hundreds of police officers who are needed, but we have to prepare them and it takes six months, a year to prepare them. We have to ask the federal government for support to carry out the reliability tests that were stopped in Celaya and little by little, those that do not meet that reliability, remove them in a process because we cannot be left without security.

-And in terms of weapons and equipment, what conditions are they in?

There have been many resources in the team. Us we will continue askingbut we have to make that work. We have armored trucks that arrive 17 minutes after the eventshave armament also sophisticated, but it is locked and sometimes the police come out with only their pistol, when the crime has big weapons. We will continue looking for all these implements for the police, but mainly, we are going to dedicate resources to the social fabricto strengthen the social fabric as well.

-When you decide to accept the candidacy, what did your family tell you? What made you decide to take the plunge?

I talked with my wife, with my children who are now grown, in This year I celebrate 45 years of children are grown, my daughter is 39 years old and he has—I have—my two grandchildren and I talked to them, they all told me that I had to be careful, but since this is not an attitude today, from 18 I wanted to be the candidate, in 21 I wanted to become the candidate and then There were, obviously, no reactions. They know that I am people of convictions, I am people who believe that we can change Celaya.

-Weren’t you afraid to make this decision? It seems to me that it is a rather complicated context to accept this candidacy.

I I am a man of about 70 years old and I already did many things, I was director of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the University of Guanajuato, I was rector of one of its campuses, I was an advisor to the federal and local Chamber of Deputies. I have done a series of things that have personally satisfied me, I feel like a fulfilled man and so I am willing to give everything.

-Have you received any threat or any type of message from the criminal group that is in that area? Now that Morena’s candidate for this municipality is official.

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People who approach me no, no. You have to remember that it was yesterday (on Tuesday) after 6 p.m. who appointed mebut there has not been for these people no

I I invite the people of Celaya to join this project to transform Celaya, we are sure that we can make big changes, we can live with peace of mind. Celaya has hope.

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