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Mariana Treviño and Andrés Almeida they entered the Mexican gastronomy for the filming of the film “The Taste of Christmas”, where they give life to two chefs who spend five days preparing Yucatecan dishes to sell as Christmas dinners to several families in the capital.

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Prior to filming moviewhich was presented last month at the Morelia International Film Festivalthe actors They learned to prepare the dishes (ranging from tamales to air fritters), with the advice of chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita.

“He loves to bring all the information, gather the history around the food and disheseverything that exists, and offer it and bring it to light and continue,” declared Mariana, who believes that the flavor of Christmas it is love.

Andrés added that although the dinner shown in the film does not appear saucers considered traditional, such as turkey or romeritos, a typical Yucatan alternative is presented, which is very visually attractive to viewers.

As shared by actor, this menu was designed by Muñoz even before they joined the production. “We wanted it to have an identity, which of these (geographical) areas could have the greatest visual appeal, and to have a series of myths around the preparation.”

“What is incredible about the yucatecan food It is ancient, it comes from the Mayans and has been translated throughout the colony. It has such a spiritual and traditional richness, around each preparation, that it ends up being seen in a very concrete way on the screen, it is something that you can almost taste and smell through the screen.”


The movie, which was produced by Salma Hayek and Pepe Támez through Ventanarosa Productions, follows a total of three stories that take place during the holidays in Mexico City, and revolve around unity, reconciliation and love.

Mónica Dionne is also part of the cast, giving life to the mother who is reunited with her daughter, after four years of not spending this date together. “Sometimes certain acts make something break, and it is difficult to fix it, but it is always possible and it is never too late, you have to try,” she says about the situation that her character.

The actress He added that through his story, he also hopes that those who experience a similar distance in their families will find an example that it is never too late to reestablish that bond. “Fiction makes you not feel alone, that you are not the only one who has this problem.”


Armando Hernández and Juan Carlos Medellín play two friends whose friendship is tested when they start working as Santa Claus at the Central mall, and compete for the attention of visitors.

Through their characters they reflected on the way in which children conceive Christmas currently, and they agree that due to the easy access they have to social networks, it is more difficult to keep alive the illusion of receiving gifts fromSanta Claus.

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However, being a father, Armando has realized this, and considers that it is the job of parents to feed the little ones in this family. christmas magic. “It’s our job to make them believe in traditions,” he says.

“This movie It is an opportunity to reflect those traditions that characterize us as a society and as a country. Help the new generations know what was happening, such as what we represent, these Santa Claus who were for so many years in the Mall. In the simplicity of things, everything happens.”

“The Taste of Christmas” is now available in Vix platformis suitable for all audiences.

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