CDMX Congress freezes LGBTQ+ initiatives – El Sol de México

The typification of transfemicide and the elimination of crime named as “danger of contagion” in the local Penal Code, are some pending legislative agenda LGBTQ+ in it Mexico City Congressassured the Morena deputy, Temístocles Villanueva Ramos.

The local deputy told El Sol de México that given the multiple violence murderers that are registered in Mexico, such as the recent case of the magistrate, Ociel Baena, it is necessary to classify the crime of transfeminicide.

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Since last October 5, 2021, deputy Temístocles presented the initiative to reform various regulations regarding the classification and care of victims of transfemicidein memory of Paola Buenrostro, a trans woman who was a sex worker, who was murdered for reasons of hate.

“The initiative to classify transfeminicide also addresses one of the measures recommended by the Human rights commissionfor the case of Paola Buenrostro, a trans partner murdered several years ago and which resulted in a very broad recommendation from the Commission,” he noted.

According to the organization Letra eSe, in 2022 it detected 87 murders of people from the LGBTQ+ community, of which five occurred in the capital.

The Traces of the Violence for Prejudice: Lethal and Non-Lethal Violence Against People LGBT+ in Mexico, 2022, highlights that of the total number of victims in the country, 48 cases were transfemicides.

Villanueva Ramos highlighted that he has talks with the deputies who head the Gender Equality Commission and with the Attorney General’s Office local to advance these initiatives.

“The construction of criminal types has to be done together with the institutions that execute the laws because even though there is political will, when technically there is a lack of understanding about the application of the law the legislation is complicated,” he stressed.

With regards to the elimination of crime “danger of contagion”, the legislator highlighted that it is a requirement because it discriminates against people suffering from a sexual disease like AIDS.

In accordance with article 159 of the capital’s Penal Code, a prison sentence of three months to six years will be imposed on anyone who, knowing that they suffer from a serious illness during the infectious period, infects another person through sexual relations or other means without them knowing about your status. health.

Since 2021, the Council to Prevent and Eradicate Violence in Mexico City called on the local Congress to eliminate the crimes in criminal regulations that stigmatize and criminalize people who have HIV AIDS.

“We have these pending issues that I believe can still be resolved in the remainder of this regular period, November still offers us some regular sessions to move forward with it,” said Villanueva Ramos.

The deputy of Brunette He said that a security policy is required in the administration of justice for the populations of the sexual diversity.

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“It is a population agenda that does not exhaust itself because social realities change constantly and legal frameworks have to adapt to reality,” he noted.

Temístocles Villanueva trusted that these initiatives will be unfrozen before the end of the first period of ordinary sessions, on December 15.

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