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HUELVA. Mexico is experiencing a time of interesting, solid female filmmakers, with a clear and well-structured voice, who are presenting stories the way they want to tell them “and it seems to me that it’s about time,” said Mexican actress Cecilia Suárez, one of the big names of Mexican acting, recognized with numerous awards, including three Platinum Awards, two nominations for the Ariel Awards and one nomination for the Emmys, who received the Ciudad de Huelva Award at the 49th edition of the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.

In interview with The Sun of Mexico, pointed out that “the feminine world is not afraid of the emotional, it is not afraid of looking at itself, it is not afraid of seeing itself inside, but it is difficult for the masculine world; It is difficult for him to talk about what he feels, it is difficult for him to connect with what he feels. And it is also our turn to build or help build, because their responsibility is a new masculinity that we, I think, long for, but so do they.”

However, she pointed out that women, sometimes, do not seem to assume certain spaces as their own “and it is true that we are no longer here to ask, can I?, but to truly assume it, that is important. What was the discourse with which we grew up, that there was always room for their voice, but not for ours, that they were always the protagonists and we were the quiet ones, who waited patiently or were the romantic interest and that is not even Thus, that discourse is changing.”

Within the framework of the reception of the Ciudad de Huelva Award, he also advocated for reclaiming the place of the Latin American community in cinema. “In the United States it was a challenge to escape from the typical roles of Latin Americans, which tend to be sexy girls and gang members. I was very clear that I did not want to play that type of roles,” she stated.

Cecilia Suárez received the award, at the Casa Colón in Huelva, from the hands of the Mexican filmmaker Manolo Caro, “her compadre”, with whom she has worked on various productions such as The immoral life of the ideal couple or the Netflix series The flower housewhere he played the award-winning character Paulina de la Mora.

Regarding whether the arrival of platforms and the great demand for audiovisual production has opened spaces, breaking stereotypes, Cecilia Suárez pointed out: “it has changed very slowly, and I think that it is still not where it needs to be, it is true that the platforms and the “Studies even understand that it is a very important market and a market that is also consuming at full speed, but that does not mean that they understand the view on us clearly.”

“They don’t fully understand who we are,” he insisted and gave as an example that he recently filmed a series with the Disney platform, “it was an all-Latin cast and from there it was evident that the focus is not really on how we experience life, and still a lot is missing”.

This Saturday, Cecilia Suárez was “very excited” to receive the City of Huelva Award from the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, a festival dedicated to cinema that speaks, thinks, feels, in the language that unites us, Castilian, Spanish. “We are united by the sea, history and blood,” she said, in relation to her Asturian background.

She acknowledged that she is “happy and delighted to be here. It has been a very great emotion and I feel very grateful to Huelva, the Festival and Spain. “I have been living here for four years and it has been a very generous country to me.”

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The Mexican actress had already participated with three films in the Huelva contest, although she had not been able to be in Huelva. “I am very happy that my history with the Festival is not from now, but from a long time ago, and that it now continues with this award,” she said.

Regarding the Huelva Festival, he noted that it represents “a great opportunity and a space to generate community.” We are an immense and tremendously diverse market, despite the fact that we are united by language, and that can be seen in this festival.”


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