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The federal government announced that the company Elon Musk’s Starlink will offer internet and cell phone after being the beneficiary of two contracts with a maximum joint value of 3,331 million pesos (almost 192 million dollars) to meet the goals of its ‘Internet for all’ program.

During the morning conference, Carlos Emiliano Calderón Mercadocoordinator of National Digital Strategy of the Presidency of the Republicannounced that upon concluding the bidding process, the Musk It benefited from five companies.

The contract stipulates that starlink will offer between five thousand to ten thousand internet services free in the country, with a validity from October 31 of this year to December 31, 2026.

After a public competition, the Government announced that Musk’s company obtained a contract so that CFE Telecommunications and Internet for All, provide free internet with a minimum cost of 778.03 million pesos (44.84 million dollars) and a maximum of 1,556 million pesos (89.68 million dollars).

To this is added one for the Government to increase cell phone coverage to disconnected communities with an amount minimum of 887.59 million pesos (51.15 million dollars) and a maximum of 1,775 million pesos (102.3 million dollars).

The contract consists of the Starlink satellite services, which offers a low orbit that, unlike traditional deep orbit satellites, has less signal delay and, therefore, greater speed in the data transferstated the Government.

This service is cutting-edge, it is one of the most advanced services that exist on this topic and it is designed, contracted, to be able to respond much faster to connectivity with the entire country, as promised.

Carlos Emiliano Calderón, coordinator of the National Digital Strategy of the Presidency of the Republic

Calderon justified the agreement with starlink by arguing that, since the ‘Internet for everyone’ of president Andrés Manuel López Obradorthe Government is looking for “all possible technologies to be able to connect the entire population very quickly.”

In his exhibition Calderon Mercadoannounced that between 2022 and 2023, cell phone coverage in the country went from coverage from 115 million 583 thousand 400 people to 119 million 126 thousand 994 people.

He added, in the case of the mobile phonethe plan is to have 12,629 towers installed by 2024 and at this moment they have 8 thousand 616 working.

“The majority are being installed in towns and that implies greater mobility of the equipment than in urban areas or cities. Sometimes it has to be equipped with poles and transformers. Of those that are missing, many are being built and we are progressing quite well to reach this goal.”

In the case of free internet, it is installed, in general terms, in government properties and they give access to people who can go to those places.

Likewise, he estimated that there are around 15 thousand free internet services that are contracted through satellite links.

The other option is the national network of optical fiber and go through a robust telecommunications network that passes through the high voltage towers, goes down to substations and on poles reaches the end user. At the moment, The network is 11,411 kilometers and the goal is to reach 22,728 kilometers

But in the service that reaches end users, it is expected to reach 2,443 towers with fiber optics and 5,868 additional kilometers of fiber optics.

In this process, commercial agreements have been made for satellite connection with nine companies for free internet, which has involved 22,207 contracts.

Is about Apco Networks, Axess Net. Solutions México, GSAT Comunicaciones, Next Telekom, SES México, Tangertine electronics, Televera Red and Viasat Tecnología.

While for cell phones there are five companies (Axess, Hispasat, SES México and Televera Red) with three thousand 936 contracts.

In this new stage, contracts with Starlink sThey agreed “for the lowest price,” he announced.

At the time, President López Obrador said in the National Palace that it is expected that by the last year of his administration “we are going to have almost total internet coverage throughout the country. “It is very important to continue advancing in the development of the country.”

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He said that coverage is expected to be 94 percent of the internet in the country and the CFE will be in charge of providing these services.

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