Chertorivski promises to invest 300 thousand million pesos for the Metro and water – El Sol de México

The candidate for head of government of the Citizen Movement, Solomon Chertorivskypromised that if he wins, he will allocate an investment of at least 300 billion pesos to the issue of water and the Metro.

Before the builders at the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), he explained that well-made public investment stimulates and multiplies private investment.

“We are going to have the most ambitious public investment program in history, which really thinks about the future of our capital, and let me tell you something, only for the Metro and for the issue of water in my six-year term we will invest 300 billion pesos in infrastructure,” he assured.

He recalled that this investment has to do with the extensions or expansions of lines 1, 2 and 4, as well as the creation of line 14, which would cross all of Insurgentes from north to south.

The candidate from the orange bench highlighted that in the case of water, investment will be made to repair all leaks, not only the visible ones, but also the deeper ones that require in-depth maintenance of the water network and the construction of treatment and purification plants. in the mayors’ offices, in addition to a total restructuring of the functions and operations of SACMEX.

“Yes it is possible, yes we can achieve this, but it requires people who know planning and finance, because we need once and for all the Planning Institute, we need the General Urban Development Plan, we need the Plan of Territorial Planning and also generate the resources that make the works viable,” he noted.

At the end of his participation with the CMIC, the Emecista candidate led a tour of the Tianguis Torres de Padierna and the decal paste on the intersection at the intersection of the Picacho Ajusco and Tizimin Highway.

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