Chilean President Gabriel Boric ends his relationship with his partner Irina Karamanos – El Sol de México

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boricreported on Thursday through social networks the breakup of his relationship with Irina Karamanosafter days of “speculation” about the breakup with his girlfriend of five years.

On his Instagram account, the Chilean president, 37, wrote that a couple of weeks ago he and Karamanos had decided to take separate “paths” “due to different visions of their intimate future.”

The president ruled out that either of them would have a new partner.

“For those betting on the possible miseries of others, I tell them that we are fine, that neither of us has other partners, and that everything has been discussed at length,” added Boric.

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“We know that these days speculation will be the order of the day and although we would have liked to live this process in private, we both understand that it is better to tell this story ourselves,” he highlighted.

Videos circulate on social networks that show the president entering and leaving an apartment other than the home he shared with Karamanos until recently.

The Boric’s relationship with Irina Karamanos – a 34-year-old social scientist – became known a few days before the elections in which the leftist He was elected as the youngest president in the history of Chile, in December 2022.

Initially, she stated that she would not play the role of first lady but after the Boric’s election He decided to do it to, he explained, “transform it” from within “with a contemporary look.”

Less than a year after exercising that role Karamanos formally resigned from office. But before modified the hierarchical structure of the six social foundations in which the first lady traditionally held the presidency.

Last week, in a much-discussed TED talk, Karamanos expanded on “the illegitimacy of the role of first lady in contemporary democracies,” the political work of rejecting that power and promoting change even if it is something “very uncomfortable.”

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Irina Karamanos was Boric’s partner since 2019. Of Greek and German descent, he studied at the University of Heidelberg, in Germany, and is part of the Feminist Front of the ruling Social Convergence partyin which Boric also plays.

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