CNB figures on disappearances of minors are wrong: Batres – El Sol de México

The head of government, Martí Batres Guadarrama, assured that the reports from the National Search Commission (CNB) on disappearances of girls, boys and adolescents in Mexico City are wrong and rejected that there is an increase in cases.

In a conference, the capital’s president assured that the federal government’s figures are not correct, because unlike the last administration in the city, headed by Miguel Ángel Mancera, the current one does present the data to the federal authorities.

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“Those figures are wrong and there will be an opportunity to provide information. The last administration never uploaded to federal authorities the information that the city had, so it seems that from the last administration to this administration there would have been a leap in said problem, which is not It’s like that,” he mentioned.

El Sol de México reported last weekend that, according to the CNB’s Registry of Missing and Unlocated Persons, reports of minors rose from 20 in 2018 to 244 in 2019.

During the pandemic, in 2020, the figure dropped to 116, but a year later it rose to 139 and then to 375.

Between January and October of this year, the CNB reports 433 cases, of which for every record of a missing child there are two of girls.

The municipalities with the most recorded cases of disappearances are Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero and Cuauhtémoc.

Batres Guadarrama assured that in the city there is no increase in reports of missing minors and recalled that his government is working to address the situation.

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“There is no such rebound, we have an analysis that we have been doing.

“There is a very important search work carried out by various institutions in the city and we will give the corresponding report in coordination with the Government of the Republic,” he said without giving a date for the presentation of the report.

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