Confrontation in Ocotlán Jalisco leaves blockades and elements of the National Guard injured – El Sol de México

Elements of the National Guard and the State Police engaged in gunfire with armed individuals traveling in two vans, one of which had hand-made armor. The preliminary balance is two injured officers. Several vehicles were also crossed on roads near Atequiza.

Due to the confrontation, various corporations came to the municipality, including elements of the State Police and the Mexican Army.

The helicopter of the State Security Secretariat was also mobilized to support surveillance work from the air and find the perpetrators.

The officers are looking for occupants of a black pick-up truck with spell armor and a white Suburban.

On 20 de Noviembre Street, a state police van was left with gunshot wounds caused by the aggressors during the confrontation.

Photos and videos of vehicles blocking the Santa Rosa-La Barca highway, near Atequiza, have been spread through networks; one of the vehicles was set on fire.

Both the Strategic Coordinator of State Security, Ricardo Sánchez Beruben and Governor Enrique Alfaro have already spoken out regarding it. The president said he was aware of the situation in Ocotlán.

Businesses close

As a preventive measure, some businesses have decided to close their doors to avoid incidents resulting from the blockades that have occurred. On social networks they have announced to their clients that they will close after that episode of violence.

They call on the population to protect themselves

Municipal president Josué Ávila called on the inhabitants of Ocotlán to take shelter in their homes until security is guaranteed.

“We are going through difficult times in our municipality, for now the priority is to stay protected and on alert. I ask everyone to stay safe in their homes, until the agencies guarantee us the security we deserve.”

He said that areas such as Medical Services and Civil Protection are on alert to respond if necessary.

The streets of Ocotlán already look lonely because the residents have decided to take shelter.

Staff of the Prodigious Lord of Mercy of Ocotlán announce that there are families sheltered in the parish after the confrontation that occurred between elements of the National Guard, State Police and armed civilians.

The Government of Poncitlán also asks the population to avoid going out and decided to suspend classes in educational centers.

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