Corn and wheat producers ask Sader for guaranteed prices without restrictions – El Sol de México

Leaders of 14 organizations Sonoran corn and wheat producerswho expect a 2023-2024 autumn-winter cycle harvest of 1.6 million tons, demand that the guarantee prices determined by Segalmex are for all producers of basic grains, without restrictions.

They ask that 7,500 pesos be paid for ton for him wheat crystalline and bread-making, and 6,915 pesos for the ton of White corn.

In a letter to the head of Agriculture and Rural Development, Victor Villalobos Arámbulathey told him that wheat and corn farmers from different states joined together to promote a “Emerging Field Rescue Program”.

They considered that it is necessary that the programs and incentives for agriculture commercial incentives encourage their development and that producers can participate in said stimuli without limitations due to surface and destination in marketing.

“We farmers fulfill our commitment to produce despite the fact that our sector is going through great uncertainty. Currently there are high costs of production due to the increase in the cost of inputs,” they point out.

In addition, low prices prevail in international markets, especially for basic grains.

“At the same time, there would be problems due to falling into overdue loans with financing sources, which would make the development of the state agriculture and will bring unfavorable economic and social consequences for the region.”

“And all this has implications that directly affect crops that generate more than 2 million wages in the State,” they emphasize.

They recalled that the Federal government must attend to and promote the development of the countryside, as established in Article 133 of the Sustainable Rural Development Law.

This includes the planning and organization of the agricultural production, its industrialization and commercialization. And implement public policies that increase productivity, competitiveness, income and employment for the rural population.

They sign the letter to the owner of the Saderthe leaders of agricultural organizations, providers of services for the production and marketing of grains in the state of Sonorawhich stand out for their strong drive and support for the regional economy.

It’s about the Association of Farmers’ Organizations of Southern Sonora (AOASS); Union of Rural Production Societies of Southern Sonora, SA de CV (USPRUSS); Agricultural, Industrial, Irrigation Settlers Credit Union (UCAICISA).

Mayo River Irrigation District (DDRM); TORural Association of Collective Interest Tres Valles (ARI 3 Valleys); Corporate Irriprofu SA de CV (SOFOM IRRIPROFU); Association of Farmers of the Yaqui Valley, AC (AAVYAC); Yaqui Valley Agricultural and Industrial Credit Union, SA de CV (UCAIVYSA).

The Association of Navojoa Producers (APRONSA); Huatabampo Agricultural Credit Union (UCAH); Mayp Agricultural Credit Union (UCAMAYO); Yaqui Agricultural Credit Union/Yaqui River Irrigation District (UCAY/DRRY) and the Cajeme Agricultural Credit Union (UCAC).

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