Corona Capital 2023: Blur fans celebrate their return with costumes – El Sol de México

The second day of Crown Capital It began with joy, birthday celebrations and family moments, while fans waited to enjoy the music of Niall Horan, Kim Petras, Alice Ivy, Blur and the return of Thirty Seconds to Marswho rejoined the music scene this year.

The Australian Alice Ivy She was one of the first to take the stage, and she was very excited to visit Mexican lands for the first time. “We arrived yesterday. We got off the plane and went to the hotel, and went out to eat tacos. After this I hope to party with you,” she said.

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From the first hours of activities it was observed large influx of people, and the stages looked full. Among those attending was a group of friends who were celebrating the 28th birthday of one of them, and even received a special congratulations.

“I came to see Olivia Dean and he sang “Las mañanitas” to me. My friends brought a sign saying it was my birthday, and I also put a sign on my forehead,” the young man, who has been attending the festival for eight years, commented in an interview.

At another point there were three girls who came dressed as milk cartons, in honor of Blur’s “Coffee and TV” video, who will appear on the main stage at 11:30 p.m. to conclude this Saturday’s activities.

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Families were also seen among the people, such was the case of Jorge, a fan from Mexico City who came with his six-year-old daughter. “We came to see Kimbra. This festival is music, and art always serves to unite families,” he said in an interview.

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