Cororna Capital 2023: León Larregui defends himself after accusations of playing with Phoenix – El Sol de México

León Larregui, vocalist of Zoéshowed his inconvenience in your X account after being accused of allegedly doing playback when he was invited by the band phoenix to the stage, on the first day of Crown Capital 2023.

Users of social networks and assistants at the festival they criticized the interpretation of Larreguisince they considered a lack of respect for the french band and its vocalist, Thomas Marswho did sing live.

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He singer He did not remain silent and defended Because of the accusations, he also assured that in his career he has only done playback on five occasions and all for reasons of health.

“How ignorant it seems to me to hear comments like this idiot here, accusing me of playback. The only times I’ve had to resort to that, yeah, dishonorable resource it was for having lost voice and not to cancel. 5 times maximum in 39 years…What happened yesterday is out of my control, nor is it Zoe nor is Lion alone, the room engineers of this band they decided for nerve or by mistakego with the tracksIf you want to talk about playback “Ask your mom,” León wrote.

Larregui with Phoenix, the random moment of Corona Capital 2023

phoenix It’s a very band loved by Mexicans for his eclectic style and musical expressionso the collaboration with Leon larregui on stage surprised the audience Show.

The musicians They performed for the third time at the festival Crown Capitalafter 10 years since its last presentation at the Curve 4 of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome.

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In this edition, phoenix He caught his audience with hits like “To Young”, “Everything is Everything” and “If I Ever Feel Better”but the moment most “random”according to social networks, it was the appearance of Larregui interpreting “Artifact” along with the vocalist of phoenixalthough many attendees applauded the surprise participation of León Others were displeased to notice that his voice went one way and the melody another.

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