Cyberattacks increase during electoral period – El Sol de México

PUNTA DEL ESTE. With the electoral process increasingly closer In Mexico, a season of cyberattacks aimed at manipulating public opinionwarned ESET specialists.

The electoral process is divided into three stages: bellsthe election day and the post-election period; It is in the first one where the greatest number of attempted hacks or cyberattacks occur, he explained to The Sun of Mexico Mario Micucci, researcher Informatic security of the company.

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During the Computer Security Forum, He said that among the most expected attacks are those of espionage, fake news, as well as the use of artificial intelligence tools to impersonate candidates.

“The stage of bells, It is usually the one in which the greatest number of attacks occurs because precisely what hackers are looking for, to get votes for one side or the other. It is in this situation where groups take advantage to try to generate fake news that diverts the message that political parties send, trying to bias public opinion,” said the ESET specialist.

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Unlike the financial attackswho seek economic benefit for cybercriminals, during election times hackers intend to destabilize or destroy political campaigns. The hackers’ work may be focused on collecting voter information to persuade your votehe added.

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