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The Monterrey model Cynthia de la Vega assumes the position as national director of Miss Universe Mexicoleaving Lupita Jones out.

It was in 2011 when, due to differences with Jones, De La Vega was removed from the competition to represent the country in the competition miss World, in that year; Now, things change and it is the origin of New Lion who will be in charge of the new changes that the organization brings, according to what was announced at a press conference.

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“It makes me very happy to reach this moment and this point in my life, all my history and what is behind it has brought me here and today we want to announce to you that I am going to be at the forefront of this new era, of this structure, organization and administrationwith great desire and enthusiasm because we are looking for this team to be of excellence,” de la Vega stated before the media.

“We want to promote the brand and the girls to fulfill these dreams, at some point they cut my atbut in this new era, together with my team, we can dream, let’s live that dream with them, let’s encourage them, let’s prepare them and make them feel ready to represent our country at the top,” he added.

Raúl Rocha Cantú, businessman who will support the Miss Universe Mexico brand, assured that there is no problem with the previous administration, in which JonesIn fact, they are grateful, however, the reason for the departure of whoever it was was not specifically explained. miss Universe in 1991.

“Delivering an address is not the same as delivering a crown. We have nothing against the previous administration. I recognize and thank him for his task, his work and his work throughout all these years because it was splendid and extraordinary, but with the new criteria that we now have, we bring another vision,” Rocha emphasized.

At different timesJones remained firm in his stance of not accepting trans women in the contests he headed and, although according to her she has nothing against the trans women or the LGBT+ communityshe always preferred to keep this contest exclusively for women biological”, according to past statements made to the media.

Jones clarified that he will remain at the head of the Universal Mexican contest.

On the other hand, this new era of the contest, led by Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, owner of JKN Global Group and who bought the organization miss Universe last year, we will focus on greater inclusion, that is, married women, with children, without perfect sizes and trans women may participate to be contenders for the crown.

“The rules of contest is that the trans women who enter the contest must have gone through a operation and the government must have approved the title of lady or miss. We are proud to have this platform in the contest to continue with the values ​​of inclusion and gender equality, we want to be a platform for empower womenwe are human beings, we are trans women and any woman is representing that entire group, we are reassigning beauty with the respect that all women deserve,” said Jakapong, who is a trans woman.

“The contest has taken a new direction of inclusion, diversity respect are the features and values that are going to govern us. As organization we want to be the platform where we want to be the stage to inspire women through respect and gender equality“, he completed Vegawho was in charge of the management of Miss Nuevo León.

De la Vega, 32, will be accompanied of a committee made up of people focused on beauty and with experience in these pageantsso that everything does not fall on just one person, it was reported.

On the other hand, regarding the allegations that the Miss Universe administration is found in financial problemsas also mentioned by Jones In a broadcast on social networks a few days ago, the thai businesswoman answered.

“We are not going through a bankruptcy but for one business rehabilitation which is a different term than what is being said, they are expressing it in a much more aggressive way than it is. I have a group of 10 companies, which supports and serves as a platform together with miss Universethis pageant has no obligation to any bank and is a 100 percent clean company.

“I want to do emphasis in the difference between a bankrupt company, which is the one that ended and no longer exists, and the financial rehabilitation where there are experts to improve the Financial management”, he clarified.

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Finally, at the moment there is no specific date or place to hold the competition. Miss Universe in Mexicoafter last weekend it was notified as the venue for the development of the contestthat information will be provided in the coming months, they assured.

They will also begin with talks with different television companies for the contest broadcast and everything related to it.

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