Dad of the Kardashians defended OJ Simpson of murder in the “trial of the century” – El Sol de México

After the death of former NFL player OJ Simpsonthe name of Robert Kardashianfather of the famous socialite, who was his defense lawyer during the “trial of the century”.

The career of OJ Simpson, who achieved fame as a player for the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49erswas tarnished in 1994 when he was brought to trial by murder from his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his friend Ron Goldman; crimes he committed when He was in his prime at the professional level as an NFL star.

Robert Kardashian He became a key player in the media case because he even renewed his license as a lawyer in order to be a defending party. OJ Simpsonwith whom he had a friendly relationship since 1970.

Furthermore, he would have decided to support his friend throughout the case without being sure of his innocence.

Did Robert Kardashian not trust OJ Simpson’s innocence?

Kardashian and Simpson they started their close relationship many years before the “judgment of the century”. They were so close that they had meetings, they went on vacation together and their families also maintained a bond.

In fact, when the former NFL player he divorced Nicole Brownwhom he would murder a few years later, went to live for a while in the Kardashian family home.

Despite this, Caitlyn Jenner revealed in his book The Secrets Of My Lifethat kardashian I didn’t trust OJ Simpson’s innocence.

The “trial of the century” ended up breaking the Kardashian family

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