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The Chamber of Deputies entered the last month of its regular session and is heading to discuss rtranscendent forms as the reduction of the working day from 48 to 40 hours and to fulfill mandates of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) to legislate certain issues.

According to the deputy Susana Prieto Terrazas, promoter of the initiative to reduce working hours, It will be before December 15 when your initiative will be put to a vote before the Plenary Session of the Chamber of Deputies.However, the endorsement of the Senate of the Republic and 17 local Congresses would still be required to come into force.

The opinion reforming article 123 of the Constitution could be modified to add a clause that allows the reduction of the working day to be gradual in order, according to PAN deputies, not to affect small and medium-sized businesses.

In Saint Lazarus will also be discussed in the last weeks of the ordinary period General Water Law to comply with an order of the Supreme Court. The General Water Law It is a bill that seeks to regulate the overexploitation of water resourcesthrough the creation of a framework that allows the review of each of the water concessions in the country.

Likewise, a reform to the National Arrest Registry Law to foresee the actions that the personnel of said registry must take when events occur that put their database at risk.

Another issue that will be addressed is the so-called audience rights, which consists of the media specifying in their publications when it is information and when it is an opinion, in compliance with a ruling of the Supreme Court which invalidated the 2017 counter-reform to the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law.

On the other hand, the Chamber of Deputies will also have to reform the Code of Military Justice and the Military Code of Criminal Proceduresafter consultation with indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities and people with disabilities.

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The discussion of the legislative pending is framed in the beginning of the electoral pre-campaigns for the presidency, so the electoral issue will also have priority in the Chamber of Deputies.

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