Dozens of companies approach for nearshoring: HSBC – El Sol de México

JORGE ARCE, president of Board of directors from the bank, comments The Sun of Mexico which is seeing the arrival of at least a dozen new companies every month.

However, he recognizes that there is still a lot to be done in terms of infrastructure and security to take advantage of the 100 percent the arrival of new investments and thus, boost the growth of the national economy.

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“I’m seeing at least a dozen companies new ones a month that have translated into real investments, I believe that the vast majority, everyone has plans,” the manager said in an interview, prior to the 87 Banking Convention.

According to Arce, the bank sees an increase in the number of international companies coming to the country to complement its supply chain, some of Europeothers of Asiabut mainly from China.

We have dialogue and relationships with many auto parts companiescompanies that produce aluminum, steel, electronic circuits, that provide services to companies that make household goods, that make cars or that make airplanes,” he explained.

For him HSBC executive, he Nearshoring also includes those companies that have expansion plans in the short or medium term. According to Bank of Mexico (Banxico)at least seven out of 10 companies have benefited from the nearshoring in recent months.

For its part, reports from the Ministry of Economy (SE) indicate that last year 363 FDI announcements were registered for a joint amount of 106 billion dollarsamong which those from automotive companies such as Tesla and KIA, and the steel mill Ternium.

“Newly We had a meeting with a prominent company in Asia which is dedicated to selling parts for electric cars, built in Mexico; “They are planning to open and double the operation they already have here, so we see many more signatures,” stressed the president of HSBC Mexico.

-Is Mexico taking advantage of all the opportunities or is something missing?

Something is always missing, Mexico is a developing countrybut even in very established countries something is missing; we are taking advantage of everything what we can given the circumstance.

-What else should be done to take advantage of this situation?

First we have to invest more in clean energy, waterhuman development, education and security, which is another pending issue that the next government will have.

entertainment bench

In addition to being the nearshoring bankas Arce himself calls it, Last year HSBC Mexico also entered the entertainment business and entertainment with concerts like Karol G, Maná, Arctic Monkeysand the Arre Festival.

Jorge Arce assured that This was a good move for the bank. On the one hand, benefited from an increase in demand for credit cardswhile achieving an “approach with new clients”.

We are giving something unique that gives value to our customers. It also helps us grow the business, because if you don’t have our card, then you have to get one from us if you want to go see the Arctic Monkeys”.

-And get into debt…

Don’t go into debt, but Yes, we can give you credit so you can buy it and pay when you can., that is a great benefit and we have worked on it. We have a phenomenal partner, who is a global leader and so we do many things to provide benefits to our clients.

-With the concerts, alliances of Ecobici and VivaAerobus, were you able to reach new markets?

Definitely, we are attacking younger markets and others who perhaps didn’t see us as close. We are trying to expand and be more relevant in the lives of current customers and potential customers.

When you want to go to a concert and the only way to go is to get a credit card with usyou will be our client and you will realize that we are a very good bank.

-Fintech companies say that banks have forgotten a segment of the population, is this true?

I think that we have not forgotten, We are universal banks that provide good service. There are people who can do things better than us at certain times for certain populations or certain niches for sure, but we learn quickly.

Fintechs have a very important role in economics because they can focus on doing specific things well; They are our clients, service providers and also our competitors.

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