Dr. Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas, Rector of UNAM – El Sol de México

Last Friday the 17th, in the majestic Old School of Medicine, in the Historic Center of Mexico City, at exactly 09:00, the ceremony for the handover began in the Rectorate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The new born head of UNAM received the imposition of the Venera from the hands of Dr. Gina Zabludovsky Kuper, pro tempore president of the Governing Board. Thus, eight years of Dr. Enrique Graue Wichers concluded, who knew how, in a calm and firm manner, to direct the destinies of the main higher educational institution in Latin America.

The UNAM, especially since the construction of the Ciudad Universitaria campus (1954), has been a major factor in the development of the country and in the conduct of public affairs. Now it won’t be different. The new authorities have the double challenge of governing the immediacy, the short term and at the same time, considering the next stage in the evolution of the University itself. The main features of Rector Lomelí Vanegas have been written and widely disseminated, as well as his notable career within UNAM and his academic training. I would like to highlight that he is a university student who grew up in his classrooms and hallways, acquiring consistent academic prestige and as a civil servant.

His appointment was well received by the community. The Governing Board took the necessary time to analyze and interview each and every one of the candidates, to deliberate on the person who had the appropriate personality, project and commitments to lead the UNAM for the period 2023. -2027. The essence of the institution, in the dynamics of our political and educational systems, can be concretized in the concept/practice of Autonomy.

At the formal start of the campaigns for the presidency of the Republic, and as the Rector stated in his interesting speech, UNAM will continue to be and even persist in plurality, autonomy and gender equality, to make each of their contributions to society and the country, from experimental Sciences, Social Sciences and the Arts, factors that promote better coexistence. Electoral political processes tend towards polarization (as we saw this Sunday in Argentina), however, the spirit that gives origin and meaning to the missions of the UNAM is just the indispensable antidote to avoid sterile tensions, which contribute very little. to the argued debate.

To demonstrate the above, in the use of his powers, Rector Lomelí Vanegas appointed Dr. Patricia Dávila Aranda, former Secretary of Institutional Development, as the new General Secretary (by the way, the current Rector’s previous position). This is the first time that a woman holds the second most important position in the administrative and government structure. Without a doubt, a well-deserved recognition to Dr. Dávila Aranda (emeritus researcher at the SIN) while applying the commitments expressed by the Rector in the inauguration speech.

New and first Rector at the UAE of Morelos. Coinciding on Thursday the 16th, with the delivery of the awards to distinguished citizens, as well as to companies that contribute their work to the development of the municipality of Cuernavaca, which is well directed by Mayor José Luis Uriostegui Salgado, the University Council of the UAEM, chose Dr. Viridiana Aydeé León Hernández. She is the first woman in the history of that important house of studies to be elected as its highest authority. Congratulations and success.




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