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Moments of panic and intense chaos were those that the population of Philippinesduring the magnitude 6.7 earthquake that shook them this Friday, which were captured by some people in video, who experienced the event firsthand and who quickly spread it around the world.

According to United States Geological Surveywhich records seismic activity throughout the world, reported that the earthquake on November 17 occurred about 26.7 kilometers south of the town of Buriasin the extreme south of the Asian country that has 4 thousand inhabitants.

For his part, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) He reported that the earthquake lasted several seconds and suggested residents to be alert in case of aftershocks and damage. Likewise, he pointed out that The epicenter of the earthquake was located about 30 kilometers west of Saranganiin Davao Occidental.

Because it is an island area, Every time a seismic event of this magnitude occurs, there is fear of the tsunami phenomenon; However, until now, Local authorities have ruled out an alert for this phenomenon.

Chaos and panic during the earthquake in the Philippines

Through the social networksInternet users shared videos that they captured at the time of the telluric movement, in which you can see the tension of the people and the anguish they experienced when they felt the movement of the floor and see collapse roofs in different areas.

The images that have been made the most viral on the internetare those of a mall where you can see how the people who were in the place lived moments of panic by witnessing how The pillars swayed and pieces of the ceiling fell from the ceiling.while people cowered and screamed in fear or tried to flee.

Likewise, other clips were broadcast, showing how a crane collapses from the top of a buildingwhile descending from the heights, creating an image like a movie.

Another of the moments that has attracted the most attention on social networks was how a group of young people captured what they supposedly describe as “the sea receded” immediately after the earthquake, which could be said to be a tsunami indicator. Furthermore, they reported that there was a landslide in Malapatanin the province of Sarangani, after which Some trees blocked the road.

For his part, the head of the Koronadal City Police, Amor Mio, declared that To date there are no reports of victimsHowever, he added that The authorities were checking the damage in a shopping center in the citylocated near the epicenter of the earthquake.

“It has been ordered evacuation of employees for their safety. According to the police in the area, there have been caused significant damagebut we still cannot determine the extent with certainty,” he reported.

It is important to mention that, The Philippines sits on the so-called Pacific Ring of Firea zone considered of great seismic and volcanic activityhence about seven thousand earthquakes are recorded every yearmostly moderate.

Note published in The Sun of Puebla

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