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In March, the formal employment generation in the country slowed down its pace of hiringas a result of the impact of the period of Easter; and they did not recover the most of 384 thousand places that were canceled in December.

According to the monitoring carried out ManpowerGroup decline and creation of jobs, during the first quarter of the year were only generated 264 thousand 959 formal jobsa figure that contrasts with the first quarters of 2023 and 2022 when the creation of formal jobs were from 423 thousand 384 and 385 thousandrespectively.

The results were below the forecast of 350 thousand formal jobs that the human capital firm did, detailed Alberto Alesi, general director of ManpowerGroup for Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

He said that the first quarter of each year is where concentrates the greatest generation of job opportunities in Mexico, and recover most of the jobs That they discharged in December.

However, this year it was not possible to recover the lost places. nor boost the pace of hiring. They were missing 119,923 jobs lostaccurate.

He recalled that in December of last year the loss of 384 thousand 882 workers.

Alberto Alesi also emphasized that the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) pointed out that this change of dynamics was mainly caused by the seasonal effect of Holy Weektime in which they are carried out productive stoppages or non-mandatory rest days.

The Easter effect in the previous two years impacted the month of April 2023 and 2022, which caused employment generation to slow down in said month.Alberto Alesi, general director of ManpowerGroup for Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

According to ManpowerGroup monitoring, other Marches impacted by the Easter effect were that of 2018 when they registered 90 thousand 509 positions; March of 2016 with 59 thousand 412 jobs and March 2013 with 53 thousand 994.

“March 2024 is the first to report no job creation in the face of this seasonal effect,” said Alberto Alesi.

But the executive of this human capital corporation commented that the job creation expectations are positive for the month of April.

“In the country only 45 percent of companies contemplate expand your workforce starting this April, and 18 percent plan to reduce it, so there is large demand for personnel that needs to be translated into more formal hiring”.

According to Employment Expectation SurveyAlberto Alesi said that the sectors that will have greater demand for personnel in all its areas as of this month are: Transport, Logistics and Automotivewith 43 percent intention to hire.

In Sciences of Life and Healththe demand It is 35 percent intentions to hire personnel along with the Energy sector which has the same demand range and in Manufacture with 32 percent.

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He pointed out that job seekersthey will be able to orient themselves towards companies medium and bigsince they are the type of economic units that stand out in their intentions to increase your staff.

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