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A wealthy family Mexico City She is shocked by the disappearance of her young daughter. Hours later, one of the captors comes to the house for the ransom… but he doesn’t want money, but a confession. Someone in the family is hiding an atrocity, and he wants to force them to reveal the most unspeakable secrets that each one keeps.

That is the argument of Confessions, the new movie Carlos Carrera starring Claudia Ramirezin which the actress She personifies the mother of the family who, like all the members of the family, will face difficult times.

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The tape it’s a thriller that just arrived 1,200 movie theaters and it is based on a story of Alberto Chimal, In addition to having the performances of Juan Manuel Bernal, Emilio Treviño and Ana Claudia Talancónamong others.

This is the tape number 25 in the actress’s careerwho almost 40 years ago debuted with a small role in Duneof David Lyncha few years before starring Only with your partner (1991)the film that marked a turning point in his career.

Now that it is about to complete four decades of experience, the actress reflects on the experience of cinemainside and out:

“Many years ago at a film festival, I heard a director which I respect a lot, to say that cinema is made for cinema, because regardless of whether that is the mission, because people’s work is not seen the same in a cell phonein a computer or in one television… I think we have lost respect for cinema from many places, because there are many people involved (in a film), from the film department artof Photographyof changing roomsthe performanceseverything… And well, now I think that the work has been devalued, not only of the actors, but of everything around, and it makes me very sad, because I do believe that cinema is to be seen in the cinema…”

“I couldn’t concentrate for two hours holding the device to see a movieapart from the fact that you don’t give it much of a chance, because if you get bored, after ten minutes you turn it off, change it or start doing something else,” he shares.

And there are people who not only watch movies on their cell phones, but do so by fast-forwarding the movie.

Exactly, and how can you have an opinion if you do that? You can’t say you saw that movie if you did that, it’s like saying you read a book just by looking at the back cover, well no, dude!

Do you still go to the movies regularly?

Yes, every time I can, especially when it’s a movie that interests me.

“I think cinema is to be seen in the cinema… I couldn’t concentrate for two hours holding the device to watch a movie”

Speaking of changes, technology has also helped movies be made differently.

Yes, it has changed by the very nature of the fact that to begin with it is no longer filmed, but rather recorded. I like to keep saying that I am filming a movie, but in the end we must be aware that it is video. Before, like the material photographic It was practically unattainable, especially for independent productions, since there was a lot of rehearsal and a lot of preparation to be able to save as much as possible on material, while now the video allows you to repeat as many times as you want… I think that rigor should continue to exist, although be with videobut that has been lost a bit.

And now technology has put this sector in front of another challenge, which is that of Artificial Intelligence.

And it will continue, eh? I think this is going to take a long time and that there has to be a I respectespecially for those who are no longer here, but also for those screenwriterswho have never received the same income that the actors… It is something very complicated.

What would you say to people to invite them to see Confessions?

Well, it’s hard to be objective when you’re involved in a project, but I think it’s a very good moviewhich is a movie different and something that has hardly been seen in Mexicobut then go see it and judge for yourself… It’s always worth seeing Mexican cinema.

His new movie, Confessionsis projected in 1,200 movie theaters in the country

The protagonists of this story face the challenge of having to reveal their secrets… Are you good at keeping secrets?

Son, no. I think I’m too obvious. I believe that what you see is what you get. I can hardly keep a secret, because I can tell that I am lying or that there is something I don’t want to say and I always end up revealing myself.

What if you could interrogate someone to get a confession, who would it be?

Well… Maybe an ex-husband, right? Yes, I would say: Let’s see, how was that thing? I know that there are things that are suddenly not said, but over time maybe one can plan to confess everything that happened.

By the way, what is it like working with Carlos Carrera?

I have known him all my life, we are the same generationwe have known each other practically since we were studying, so incredible, especially because he is a director who gives you a lot of freedom, but who is very clear about what he wants to do and say, and that is wonderful, because there are many directors They don’t have much of an idea of ​​what they want to do or say and that confuses you a lot like actor. She is a deeply loving and respectful person, and that is very nice in every way.

And have you worked with a director who is not clear about what he wants?

Of course, many times… What uncertainty! No? Or with directors where the film is not their project, so they are only going to do their job, and it is not the same either.

“I learned that I am capable of playing any character without judging it, because if you judge them, you will end up making only pretty characters or characters that agree with what you think”

What did he let you do? Confessions?

First, I learned that I am capable of interpreting any character without judging him, because if one judges the characters what’s his turn interpretthen you will always end up making purely beautiful characters or characters that agree with what you think or with what you are, and I think that in this career one has to have the ability to play any character letting him have a voice and without making judgments, trying to get out to see him from the outside.

You are about to complete four decades of career. How do you feel about that?

I am happy to continue being active and with a lot of work, there are many experiences, especially because you grow, you do different projects and each experience is different.

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What would you say to the Claudia Ramírez of the nineties, if you could talk to her?

In this career you get carried away very easily by inertia, and then you no longer have time for many other things, including studying, because it is a career in which you learn as you go, so I would say: Relax and follow him, nothing more…

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