Every minute there are 300 cyberattacks – El Sol de México

In 2023, cell phones and computers in Mexico they received more than 300 cyber attacks per minute, indicated the technology company ZentaGroup.

Mario Zúñiga, director of the firm, indicated that the main means of these frauds are advertisements that promise money, free electronic equipment, or even appointments.

“Although it may seem hard to believe, people continue to fall into advertisements that promise you that you won a lot of money, equipment electronic, quotes. And now, the cybercriminals They disguise their malware with the help of Artificial intelligence that generates this type of messages,” he explained to El Sol de México.

He strokecalled a Trojan, steals from Bank dataeven personal information stored on the phones or computers of people who fall into the trap.

Zúñiga explained that this type of attacks increased following the reactivation of the economy after the pandemic, and not only in Mexico, but in the entire Latin American region.

“This issue is something important and should not be left lightly, we are talking about more than 200 thousand attacks per month, with people, governments and companies being the most vulnerable to receiving them,” he added.

According to the company of Kaspersky cybersecurityfraud attacks against mobile devices increased 617 percent in 2023, and this trend will continue as technologies advance.

The director of Zenta Group He added that with AI-based tools, now cybercriminals They manage to migrate their frauds from text and Internet advertising to other media such as audio messages and videos.

“Now, in a very simple way, you can impersonate a person’s voice and image in order to deceive your victimsand although it is still easy to detect between a real or fake video, with the rapid development of these tools there will come the point where it will be almost impossible to detect a fraud”he added.

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Mario Zuniga He urged users to distrust those advertisements that promise to make a lot of money very easily, buying shares or gifts, since it is usually through that means that things are committed.s frauds.

In the case of organizations, the manager assured that they must focus on staff training, implement effective security policies and integrate more advanced security controls to defend against these constantly evolving threats.

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