Femicides in Sinaloa register the highest rate in October – El Sol de México

Culiacán, Sin.- The month of October It has been converted in a month quite worrying because victims fatal of femicides and homicides fraudulent women, went from 3 cases to 9, he said the secretariat of the Women, Tere War.

In that sense, the civil servant of government reported that in the administration of Ruben Rocha Moya is counted on accumulated of 34 cases in 2022 and 31 in 2023 plus two homicides malicious.

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Such figures, represent a reduction considerable in comparison with the administration of Quirinus Ordazin which during his first year of government, 85 cases of feminicide.

Tere Warstated that these numbers are not comfort neither less optimisticsince there is still no satisfaction since femicides continue happening with cases very unfortunate and shockingwith the recent one in Los Mochis where a father of family attacked the integrity of his children and wife.

In another aspect, the owner of the Womenexpressed that the program follow-up and support for the daughters and sons of the victims is transiting To date it has supported more than 90 infants that have left abandoned after their mothers they would lose life for issues of violence of gender.

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“We are going to talk of realitywe have acquaintance of cases heartbreaking where women are victims of violence and whose violence that they lived led them to have addictions…the bulk of the aggressors without man they want check the decisions and the life of the women”, express.

Originally published in The Sinaloa Sun

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