Fernando Martínez and Thibeau Spits, at full gallop in the Global Champions League in Mexico, – El Sol de México

He Mexican Fernando Martínez and the belgian Thibeau Spits, of the Prague Lions team, were the absolute winners of the Global Champions League of Mexico, held from April 11 to 14 at the Campo Marte in Mexico City.

The rider team finished all league qualifying rounds with an impressive total score of just four faults. The second position went to New York Empire and third place for the team Monaco Aces. For his part, the Irish rider Denis Lynch was the winner of GNP Seguros Trophy.

Lynch had an outstanding performance by winning the two CSI 5* tests, prevailing over his competitors by completing the course without faults, setting the fastest time with 75.34 seconds. The Irishman rode “Brooklyn Heights“, the horse with which he obtained second place in the Longines Global Champions Tour Mexico City Grand Prix in 2022.

He GNP Seguros Trophyis a test that served as a qualifying test for the Big prize, where a total of 48 riders gave their best to achieve classification. Second place went to German Richard Vogel and his horse”Cepano Baloubet” with a time of 75.51 seconds. Third place went to the Swedish Olympic medalist Malin Baryard-Johnsson and his mare”H&M Indiana“.

The Canadian Peter Grant designed a very challenging route for the participating pairs. Only nine riders completed the course without faults and within the established time.

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In addition to the spectacular equestrian competition that the Mexican and international public enjoyed throughout the day, they were also able to witness the show “Purépecha, a tribute from Morelia to the world”.

The final challenge

A total of 60 horsemen and amazons participated in the Master Dobel Trophy, the last test of the CSI 2* series at a height of 1.35 m. The winner was decided in an exciting tiebreaker, where the 12 best pairs in the test gave everything to achieve victory.

The undisputed winner of the competition was a promising young Mexican equestrian, Isaac Parada Urtaza, riding “Vitot Kervec”. This pairing risked everything in the jump-off, achieving a faultless course with a very fast time of 40.21 seconds. Second place went to Mexican Lorenza Mena, who finished his jump-off with a clean run and a time of 43.19 seconds. Third place also went to another Mexican rider, Emilio Salinas, who rode “Boomerang du Milon.”

A total of 33 pairs gathered to challenge the course designed by the Canadian Peter Grant for him Banorte Trophy, which was judged as a CSI 5* category speed test with a height of 1.55 m. Only eleven pairs managed to complete the course without faults.

Generally, it is very unlikely that two riders will do exactly the same time on a course; However, this occurred in the Banorte Trophy. With a time of 75.59 seconds, first place was shared by Irish rider Denis Lynch and the young Dutch rider Sanne Thijssen. The third place was obtained by the Mexican Fernando Martínez to the finish his journey in a time of 78.80 seconds.

A ceremony was also held to commemorate the sporting retirement of “Babel”, a Mexican horse that, together with its rider Patrick Pasquel, has carried the name of Mexico high in various international competitions around the world. Among his most memorable moments is the silver medal in the Lima Pan American Games and his multiple victories in different national and international competitions together with the Mexican team.

Pasquel thanked “Babel” for the great moments and victories they shared. The rider, along with his family, friends, veterinarian, teammates and people who in some way were involved in the sporting career of this great horse, wished him the best of luck with all the love and applause from the audience present.

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