FGJCM will challenge protection granted to Uriel Carmona – El Sol de México

For the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FJGCM), in case of Uriel CarmonaAttorney General of Justice of Morelos, is not fully completed, solists an appeal for review of the protection that they granted to the public servant for the crime of delay in justice.

Ulises Lara López, in charge of the office of the capital institution, spoke about the case and assured that to the district judge that ruled in his favor lacked exhaustivenessbecause his pronouncement has as based on justifying or exculpatory formalisms.

“Judge did not rule on the non-existence of the crimebut about the basis and motivation that was considered when issuing said binding order,” said the person in charge of the FGJCM office, who recalled that the review resource is provided for by the Amparo Law and that There is still a need for a Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters to give its resolution on this case.

Another aspect of the investigation is in the hands of a Control judge, who decided to dismiss the matter for the crime of delay in justiceas well as issuing an order of non-binding.

“Given this, the Attorney General’s Office considers that there has been excess compliance by the control judge, since the sentence handed down by the District Judge only referred to The linking of dates August 5 and 6 would be left without effect of 2023, and that was resolved again on the linkpointing out adequate justification and motivation, not to dismiss the trial,” replied Lara López.

Uriel Carmona has two other open files, including one for feminicide in an auxiliary capacity

Uriel Carmona still has two open files pending for cover-up by favoring, as well as for feminicide in his capacity as a helper; and the Judicial power of the Federation has not yet decided on the protections promoted by his defense regarding that pair of crimes.

The person in charge of the office of the Attorney General’s Office criticized those who want to see this protection as a political defeat of the institution, because, he reproached, They forget to do justice to the victim, Ariadna Fernanda.

All that remains is for them to affirm that there was never a feminicide, and that the images and events were the result of a montage; but they forget that we are not equal.Ulises Lara López

The case began with the crime of the young Ariadna Fernanda registered in Mexico City, but her perpetrator abandoned the body in a place on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway, in the State of Morelos, whose Attorney General of Justice, Uriel Carmona, rejectedbased on the autopsy performed by their forensic experts, that the young woman was the victim of a femicide.

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